Saturday, May 9, 2009

Domino tag sale

    This morning, my friend Leigh and I went to the Domino Magazine tag sale. We arrived at 10:30, and the lines were loooooooong. (They went around the corner and down the block!) We chatted with the people around us, and it was exciting to meet a few Cup of Jo readers.
    This adorable foursome made out with some good loot.
    This girl was especially sweet in her braids and trench. She reminded me of Paris.
    The sale was held at the swanky 19th-century brownstone of Tom Delavan, Domino's former editor at large. He seemed like a nice guy and was smiling the whole time.
    Once we got inside (at noon), the rooms were packed.
    Everything had been picked over, but it was still fun to peek around.
    Leigh and I liked these rugs--especially the blue and white--but they were priced at $850. Ouch!
    It was cool to see Tom Delavan's rad house. You'll notice his tree wallpaper, a long-time blog favorite.
    Polar bear, rarrrr!

    Bottom line: A fun spectacle but only the early birds caught the worms. Enjoy the rest of the weekend! xoxoSource URL:
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