Monday, August 31, 2009

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Jessica's Grandparents: "Our Secret to a Happy Marriage"

Grace Bonney: "Our Secrets to a Happy Marriage"

    Grace + AC's secrets to a happy marriage:

    1. Talk it out: No matter how angry you are, talking always helps. I wasn't a big talker before meeting Aaron (I was a big "slam the door"-er) and he taught me the value of talking through any and all difficult situations.

    2. Support each other's dreams: AC loves to play poker and guitar, and he also likes mixed martial arts. If he wanted to leave his job to pursue any of those, I would support him 100%. And I know he'd do the same for me. I realized a few years back that no matter how good the salary or benefits, if your partner isn't happy, even the best job is the wrong job. If you're both truly happy, then material things really do become less important.

    3. Go on adventures: Whether it's a scooter ride to Coney Island or a backpacking trip out west, remember to experience new things together. AC and I are complete opposites, but we both love to try new things, which keeps us growing together.

    And above is a sneak peek from our wedding :)

    -- Grace Bonney, Design*SpongeSource URL:
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Friday, August 28, 2009

Have a blissfully happy weekend!

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Honeymoon + registry

    Many of you have been asking about our honeymoon, and I realized that we never shared our final plan! After our wedding this weekend, we'll be flying to Italy and Greece for two weeks. We can't wait. We're flying into Naples, then going to Positano for four nights, then Rome for three nights, then Santorini for four. It will be such an exciting, romantic, over-the-top trip! (Any last-minute recommendations? I would LOVE to hear. xo)

    To help afford our splurgy honeymoon, we skipped the regular household registry and created a honeymoon registry. We signed up with buy-our-honeymoon (don't worry, guests never see the tacky name!). Alex and I spent a fun evening listing our trip activities, restaurants, hotels, even sun hats, and, happily, our guests seem to be into it. The honeymoon registry has worked out really well and made our honeymoon possible; I'd highly recommend it to anyone. xoSource URL:
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Thursday, August 27, 2009

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Sixty years of roses


    Oooh, there's a new headband shop in town! Shea and her mom just launched Old Soul, New Heart, a gorgeous handcrafted collection of vintage and feminine finds. "My mother always told me that the best thing a woman can do for herself is put on sparkles, ruffles or bows because they’ll put you on the fast track to feeling pretty," says Shea. "Thankfully, I listened."

    Aren't these beautiful? My two favorites are below. And on a sidenote: How perfect is her red lipstick?! (She told me that it's NARS Jungle Red.)
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Can't sleep.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wednesday Giveaway!

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

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