Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Shining

    On Monday evening, Alex convinced me that it was a good idea for us to turn off all the lights and watch The Shining. Needless to say, I totally freaked out and had to check under the bed before going to sleep that night (seriously) (I'm 30). So, yesterday, Alex showed me this hilarious spoof trailer from 2006, which makes the movie look like a romantic comedy. I was dying laughing. Now that's more my speed.

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Home Inspiration: Frame Walls

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

J. Crew tees

Rainy wedding

Modern wreath

Lindsay Lohan has a new boyfriend


    God, do we have to do this after time? “Lindsay is definitely starting to turn to him when things get bad.” Because they’ve been dating for what? A week? And Adam Senn has already become a bit player in Lindsay’s drama. Yeah, I bet he lasts.

    By the way, Dina Lohan wants everyone to know that after Lindsay’s whirlwind trip to India - in which she took credit for saving the lives of 40 children and was called out for her lies - Lindsay is now “a changed woman.” Dina told Page Six that Lindsay was “humbled and moved” by the trip and that “Lindsay definitely wants to give more back. We are now planning a trip to help the children of Guatemala — which will be filmed by Oprah’s network.” For f-ck’s sake. Not Central America! That’s where the drugs come from!


    Just hours after the hearing - it was reported that Dina is demanding $40,000 in child support, while Michael claimed Sunday that it’s only $15,000 - spies say Lindsay showed up at her sister Ali’s 16th birthday party at Abe & Arthur’s with Senn, whom we reported she was dating on Dec. 10.

    And while her, err, doting parents can’t agree on much, they both seem to think that Adam is a winner.

    “Dina really likes him,” the source says. “She thinks he is ‘good for her.’”

    Michael wasn’t on the guest list for Ali’s fete, but he too seemed pleased with Adam when asked about Linds’ new man Sunday.


    “If he’s a good guy and he has no addictions, and he’s a good influence on her, then God bless him. It’s a good thing,” he told us.

    And although Michael says he would have liked to meet the former “City” star at the party, he admits he’s not shocked he wasn’t invited. “I’m not surprised I wasn’t welcome at Ali’s dinner,” he says. “In light of what’s going on between Dina and I, and being so public with the things I’ve said in regards to Lindsay’s well-being, I can understand how Lindsay and the kids would be upset and not want me there.”

    Indeed, Lindsay has publicly dismissed her dead-beat-dad, but an insider claims that his absence is still hard on the troubled starlet.

    “Everything that’s gone on between Lindsay and her dad has really taken a toll on her,” the source confides, adding that “Adam is the one really positive thing going on in her life.”

    The snitch also claims that Senn and Lohan were texting and calling each other over the holiday weekend - and are certainly acting more serious than “just friends,” which LiLo has claimed via her Twitter page.

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Monday, December 28, 2009

Sex & the City 2 Trailer

Jenny's birth story

Country house

    Welcome back! Hope you had a wonderful holiday. We just got back from sunny California, and now I'm daydreaming about warm balmy days. Take a look at this couple's rad country house in upstate New York (what a dream!)...

    You can play ping-pong with a pup...

    ...stop to smell the wildflowers...

    ...swim in the backyard... whisky on wooden beams...

    ...and make your own pickles and jam (yum).

    And, when asked what surprised them most about country life, they answered, "Secret waterfalls and bears." Awesome!

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Britney Spears still crazy.....


    Things have been running smoothly for Britney since her father took over. It’s been almost two years since her huge breakdown and she seems back to normal. Honestly, I didn’t expect her to be able to complete her tour, which ran from the beginning of March to the end of September with only a couple of one-month breaks. She also did 14 dates in Australia last month. Apart from yelling that her “p*ssy was hanging out” and getting slammed for lipsyncing in Australia without providing a live video feed for the audience, we haven’t heard many complaints about her tour. She only missed one gig due to an issue with the promoter. Sure she lipsynced and strutted around, it’s what she does. Sadly she may have to do it for a while in order to continue to pay huge lawyer bills, child support payments, and staff. At least she seems happy. Well, sort of.


    The judge didn't specify how long the conservatorship will remain in place, but lawyers involved in the matter tell TMZ they expect it to last somewhere between six months to a year.
    Under the ruling, Britney's dad, Jamie Spears, will continue to receive a $16,000-a-month payment for his duties. Andrew Wallet -- the co-conservator -- was also granted a $174,569.10 payment for services rendered between July 2009 and November 2009.
    The judge also authorized Britney's conservatorship to kick out close to $300,000 in attorney's fees.


    It was an expensive day in court Tuesday for Britney Spears. In a Los Angeles courtroom Commissioner Reva Goetz ordered the co-conservatorship of Britney Spears to continue, with her father, Jamie Spears, to continue to receive $16k a month for his duties as conservator of his daughter.

    Goetz also ordered the co-conservator of Britney, Andrew Wallet, to be paid $174,569.10 for services rendered from July 2009-November 2009.


    In addition Goetz ordered Jamie’s attorneys to be paid $183,918 and attorney Joel Boxer to be paid $62,965.06. Another law firm was ordered to be paid $50k. Jamie Spears was also allowed to continue to receive $1200 for office space.

    Samuel Ingham, the court appointed attorney for Britney Spears, said in court that, “She [Britney] accepted the accounting as filed and had no objection to it.”

    Other housekeeping issues concerned continuing to seal all medical and certain business transactions because of “trade secrets” and the commissioner also increased the bond for the conservatorship from $1 million dollars to $25 million. Bond is similar to insurance in conservatorship cases, so if anything were to happen to Britney’s money she would be covered and reimbursed.

    The next court hearing is scheduled for January 14th. Fees for Laura Wasser, Brit’s legal ace divorce attorney will be dealt with at that time.


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Christmas wallpaper

Have a wonderful holiday!

Feeling Smitten...

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Holiday trips

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