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Happy birthday, Lucy!

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Have a fabulous weekend!

Tea submarine

Street Style Memory Game

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Emma miniseries

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Backyard wedding

Baby's first pajamas

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Silhouette business cards

Heart ring

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Typography prints + tattoo

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Nicole has been a consistent box office flop for several years now?


    Now, is it because of the frozen face, or because Nicole has been a consistent box office flop for several years now? Which came first, the chicken of the egg? Because I think the audience started to leave Nicole around the time she started doing that junk to her beautiful face.

    I also did a little research to see if Nicole was actually attached to these projects at some point. At one point, this past fall, she was attached to Bel Ami (with Robert Pattinson), but ended up pulling out/being fired last November. Monte Carlo is a project Nicole was not only supposed to star in, but produce. And it’s still listed on Nicole’s IMDB page, so who knows? And as for the How To Marry a Millionaire remake, Nicole is still tentatively attached to that too, according to IMDB. But I hope that one doesn’t even get made. I love the original. How the f-ck could you do better than Marilyn, Lauren Bacall, and Betty Grable? Seriously?


        Blame it on the Botox? After bad reviews for her stiff performance in the flop musical Nine, Nicole Kidman has been dropped from three films: Bel Mai, Monte Carlo, and a remake of the Marilyn Monroe classic How to Marry a Millionaire.

        “Nicole’s not aging gracefully, and it’s hurting her chances in Hollywood,” says Michael Levine of LCO, a public relations firm.

        But it’s not all bad - Nicole is set to star in The Danish Girl, playing the first man to get a sex change operation.

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Have a fabulous weekend!

Jackets and bookmarks

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Thursday Giveaway!

Calligraphy tattoo

Hobbit house

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Tomboyish charm

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The baby

    Last week, Alex and I went to the hospital for our second sonogram. The doctors smeared warm gel on my belly and looked at the baby on the monitor. He was wriggling all over the place! (I've been feeling him kick SO much lately, which is adorable and kind of feels like bubbles.) It was totally sci-fi to see his tiny spine with all the intricate bones, but the most exciting part was seeing his teeny profile. Alex jokes that he looks like a Dr. Seuss character at this point, but we think he's beautiful and are totally enamored. This little photo makes me smile every time I look at it. I love his tiny hand just hanging out there. :)

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French style

Heart tea towels

Monday, January 18, 2010

Jennifer Aniston does a bang-up job of diffusing those Gerard Butler rumors

    What’s the verdict on her dress, by the way? I didn’t hate it! It’s an interesting design, with the one-shoulder and slit. The fit was great, but Jennifer usually gets a good fit on her dresses. She never makes that mistake that so many actresses make of pouring themselves into something too tight. I really liked Jennifer’s strappy shoes. Monolos? Or Choos?


    Okay, here we go - I don’t know how many times Gerard Butler has denied this rumor in the past, but it seems we’re in for another round of “Are they dating already?” As I mentioned in previous posts, Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston both seemed to arrive solo for the Golden Globes, and yet they sat together, presented together, and posed for these photos together in the press room.

    It could totally be the case that they’re friends and colleagues and they don’t really give a crap and they’re promoting their film, Bounty Hunter, and whatever buzz is good buzz. 

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Friday, January 15, 2010

Lindsay Lohan wants to make a difference.


    Lindsay Lohan wants to make a difference.

    The actress, 23, opens up to about filming a BBC documentary on child trafficking in India.

    “Making this documentary for BBC3 has allowed me to lend my voice to the real hardship faced by children who are trafficked,” she says.

    “The strength of the young boys and girls I met has been truly humbling, and I hope my presence in India will bring awareness to the really important issues raised in making this film,” she adds.


    In a new clip released online, Lohan — who dons oversized sunglasses while being chauffeur-driven through slums — says, “The whole situation is heartbreaking because the parents aren’t necessarily in the wrong, the children obviously aren’t in the wrong. The traffickers are in the wrong because they know what they’re doing.”

    Last month, Lohan Twittered about her experience.

    “Over 40 children saved so far… Within one day’s work… This is what life is about… Doing THIS is a life worth living!!!” she wrote. “Oh, and I’m talking about being in India.”


    [From Us Weekly]

    Do you think she was really humbled? I don’t. First of all, she was barely there. I think the whole trip was something like two days, in-country. That’s not long enough for Lindsay to sober up. She probably thought the Indians were part of her normal delusions. And beyond that, since her trip, Lindsay has been creating “Lohan Mayhem” since Christmas, taking her little sister down to St. Barth, dressing up like a harem girl, smacking guys in bars, putting on weepy performances for the paparazzi. How has Lindsay “changed” from this experience. Oh, my bad. She never claimed that the experience “changed” her, just that she was “truly humbled”. Maybe she was only humbled for a minute or so.

    By the way, Lindsay’s crack-tweets have been all over the Haiti situation. A couple of them even sound lucid! Well, sort-of. She’s trying to get information out about donations and stuff, so bless her heart.

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