Wednesday, March 31, 2010

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Baby profiles

    German photographer Bettina von Zwehl took this photo series of one-year-old babies at an instant of total (rare) concentration. Aren't they gorgeous? Von Zwehl used toys, dvds and eye contact to get the little guys to stay still. "They sat on a table, looking at me, and I took the picture with a long cable release," she says. Since many of the babes were still too wriggly to photograph, it took more than a year to get six final portraits. And the goal of the project? "I was hoping to present each baby as an intelligent human being," she says.

    P.S. Baby mouths are so adorable.
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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Fig wedding cake

Nursery inspiration photos

    These days, nurseries are looking so amazing! I've been flagging inspirational images, such as the nursery of J. Crew creative director Jenna Lyon's baby, above. Aren't the yellow stripes amazing, and who would think to paint a nursery wall black? (Classic crib from Oeuf; and orange Junior Panton chair from DWR.)
    A polaroid heart from a grown-up bedroom in Paris...
    And sweet details, like the knit blocks in the fireplace, love pillow and teeny yellow boots!
    The giant giraffe is amazing, but my eye was immediately drawn to those red frames. What a great way to showcase artwork.
    Decorating with maps = inexpensive and inspiring.
    This photo is from Moomah's playspace. The white frames mimic a gallery wall, and that friendly bear print is totally amazing. (Does anyone know where to find it? Update: The Moomah bear print is by Jacqueline Schmidt of Screech Owl Design. Thank you, Sarah!)
    The shades of blue in this room are lovely and calming, and the Tord Boontje hanging lamp looks magical. What nursery colors or special touches do you like? I'd love to hear... xoxo

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Monday, March 29, 2010

A little love note.

    Have you told bedtime stories lately? Pregnancy has made me super sleepy, and I've been conking out really early. So a little tradition has started, where Alex will put me to bed. After I brush my teeth, he'll say, “Ready for bed, baby?” and then come into the bedroom, lie down next to me (and my maternity pillow) and tell me funny stories about his childhood, early days in New York or old friends. I don't know how he comes up with them all (every single night!), but it's so cozy falling asleep listening to his deep voice and trying to stay awake to hear the ending. I love you, Alex.

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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Heidi Montag will
    With the hills, which are introduced into a field and shooting, Heidi Montag is looking forward to her career as an actress in "start full picture of the movement of time."

    Write In fact, a script for the launch. I'm not even kidding. People across: One of the characters wants to play Sunday "is a lifeguard in the summer on a script he wrote himself called."
    I have the first 3-D on the beach in a comedy shark attack on a small beach town and save the day with my 3-D tits, "said Monday." I also wrote an article for Dolly Parton to the Mayor to play! Let me clarify this point: all this time, Heidi Montag utmost secrecy, the writer of our generation? Jesus Christ.
    Who saw that coming? James Cameron is likely to escape this area of Avatar 2, as we speak. "Well, I remember they were all crazy shit on the planet with the sick?" This time, the area monitored by 3D breasts Heidi Montag. They give me money now. " URL:
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Friday, March 26, 2010

Have a magical weekend.

Magic juice

Simple pleasures

Angelina Jolie and mystery that is her mind blown up

    My bad! I completely ignored the photo of one hour, because I thought it was the same as yesterday, but it's new! Apparently Angelina was now on the balcony, and if even one of the twins. Perhaps one of the twins. Fame Pictures claims is now the son of Vivienne, but I see the earrings and this guy seems to Knox yesterday (if it was Knox) and Shiloh Jolie-Pitt in Cannes and fax numbers, and what they are.

    In addition, the child is returned to yesterday, when he / she has moved shirt with a little "friendly. In this series of photos, I see polka dots Bankie (s). I see a child who blew through that little mind in The sky and water, maybe. The girl looks great, what kills me.


    By the way, I think this group of photos may have begun as a game, "Spy" between mother and child. My parents did that for me, so I have a the thing. Obviously, it was F-cking obsessed with flags as a child, and I always knew, see the flag! "Seeing the flag!"


    I love the picture where it appears that Angelina Mystery cracked. If you are not laugh at their children, how to laugh?

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

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Eat, Memory

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Wise words

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