Friday, April 30, 2010

Have a fun weekend!

Picnic club

    Every summer, I daydream about having a ton of picnics, but end up having fewer than I'd like. So, wouldn't it be fun to start a Summer Picnic Club? I've been thinking of inviting friends to meet at different parks around town every other Saturday. Everyone would bring their own blanket, plus a snack to share, and Alex and I would also bring frisbees and a bubble machine (and the baby!). It would be so much fun to have a recurring outdoorsy event to look forward to.

    P.S. Refinery 29 posted a picnic guide today. I think it's a sign. :)

    (Photos of our wedding brunch picnic by Max Wanger)Source URL:
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Sammy the Seagull

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thursday Giveaway!


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wednesday Giveaway!

Birthday cupcakes

Aria Pro II SB-800

    Here is a nice rarity sent in by fellow Aria fan Tyler - it's an SB-800. This is a unique bass because it is like an SB-1000 in every way except for one: it is a bolt-on, not neck-through. It has all the other features of an SB-1000 (active circuit, 6 position tone selector, brass bridge and nut, etc). I believe the Aria SB-600 was the bolt-on version of the SB-700, but neither the 600 or 800 models lasted very long for some reason. There is even an SB-800 ad that I had not seen before! You can check out a few more pics here. In addition, there are some more excellent pictures taken by Dave at Click here to see more details of this bass such as the 6 bolt (including two hidden under the neck plate!) system. The Aria advertisement for this model can be seen at URL:
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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Musk for girls

What will the baby look like?

    Now that I'm almost eight months pregnant, I've been thinking so much about what our baby will look like. It's so crazy to feel him kicking all the time and feel like I already know him, but still have no idea how to envision his little face. So, I've been looking through some of my and Alex's childhood photos, since he'll probably look like a combination of the two of us, right? (Blond hair with a big head, methinks?) Ahh, I CANNOT WAIT to finally see his teeny face and hold him in my arms!!!
    My twin sister Lucy and me (I'm on the right side in all the photos)...
    And Alex as a little dude. (Isn't he funny in that straw hat and red shorts?:)Source URL:
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Aria SB-1000 5 String

Monday, April 26, 2010

Hunter boots

Wedding dress + veil

Billy Gould's Aria Integra Bass For Sale?

    Being a big Billy Gould fan, I was very interested when fellow Aria bass fan Nuno sent me an email that said the exact bass Billy Gould used at the Rock in Rio II festival in 1991 was for sale here.
    I have no way of telling if the bass was really played by Billy or not, but it certainly is the right model (IGB-600 or IGB-DLX in the US). The knobs have been replaced and the truss rod cover is missing. The Brazilian seller doesn't appear to give any proof of authenticity. He is asking about $700 USD (not $1300 like I originally thought!). I'm a huge fan, but unless I had proof and lots of extra cash, I don't think I'd bite on this one! For comparison, here is a pic of Billy with one of his Integra IGB-600s (I assume he had more than one while on tour). Unfortunately there isn't much to go on comparison wise since the bass is black and therefore has no wood grain or other distinguishing characteristics. Black paint, black hardware. Billy's was missing one knob at the time of the photograph. Do you think it's the real deal?Source URL:
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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Aria IGB-NEO Bass

    Aria has a new Integra model called the IGB-NEO. As far as I know, it's only available in Japan and lists for just under 70,000 Yen. It's different than other Integra models in that it has just a single EMG-HZ pickup and has a few more 'high end' features. Here are the specs from the Aria Japan site:
    Body: Ash
    Neck: Maple
    Nut: Graphite
    Fingerboard: Rosewood
    Machine head: Gotoh GB-707
    Frets: 24F
    Scale: 860mm
    Pickups: EMG MM-HZ
    Controls: Volume(CTS) x1,
          Tone(CTS) x1,
          series/parallel/tap mini switch
    Tailpiece: Gotoh J510SJ
    Hardware: Black
    Finishes: See through green, black and purple.
    They look pretty good, if anyone has a chance to try one, let me know how it sounds!

       Source URL:
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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Aria's 50th Anniversary Bass

Aria SB Pickup Dissection

    I don't know how many times I've heard from other Aria SB owners who had a dead or half-dead pickup. Unfortunately it is a common problem with those great basses and there is no way to fix the pickup. The pickup is encased in epoxy, so you really can't open the pickup without destroying it. I happened to have a dead pickup and so with the help of my friend and guitar wiz Lance, we conducted a crude autopsy on the pickup! It appears as if the pickup is almost like a big "P" style pickup, with 8 poles that are staggered, four poles for the E and A strings and four for D and G. It took a lot of hacking to crack open the pickup! More pictures can be found here.Source URL:
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Aria Battery Checker

    Hello Aria fans! For those of you with basses with active electronics, you know that batteries can sometimes die at the worst of times. Instead of changing batteries when there may be a good deal of life left, the Aria Pro II BC-1500 battery checker lets you test the battery life of your instrument (it also works with most pedals, like Boss) to let you gauge how much life is left in the battery. There are more sophisticated battery testers out there for sure, but this one is really simple. The needle indicates the battery life - red means it's about out of life, black means no worries. Like I said, very simple! The checker works fine on my Aria basses with stock electronics, however it does not register at all on my Aria SB with Alembic electronics installed. I have no idea why that may be, it also doesn't seem to register on my Morley bass wah and MXR DI unit. If you have any theories as to why it doesn't work on those, email me! Luckily I have LED battery indicators on the SBs with Alembic electronics. I haven't found much about the BC-1500 on the web, but I do know it was made in Japan (the sticker says so!). It evens come with a handy little case. I haven't found any info on this from the Aria websites, but there is a Japanese site with what appears to be a short review of it here.Source URL:
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Friday, April 23, 2010

Aria Bass Links

First Post

    Welcome to my Aria bass blog! I will post pictures, links and info related to Aria basses of all eras. I hope the information here can help people ID their bass, or if you are just looking for info on a specific model, maybe you will find it here. I like to find and fix up damaged or neglected basses so I will document that here as well.

    My main focus is on basses from the '80s, but I will post about any Aria bass I find interesting, including new models. I really like what the current incarnation of Aria USA is doing. After a long period of inactivity, Aria instruments are now distributed by Dana B. Goods. They seem to have given Aria new life in the US, which is great to see. You can see the current line of Aria basses and guitars at Aria USA.

    I became an Aria fan when I discovered that Cliff Burton (Metallica) and Billy Gould (Faith No More) both used Aria Pro II basses. Cliff used the SB Black 'n' Gold I model and an SB-1000 for a short time. Cliff gave Billy an SB-Integra bass which he used for several years followed by a few other Integra models. I loved the look and the sound of the basses they used, so decided to try and find those models. In the days before the Internet took off, that was no easy task. Now it is much easier to find them...Maybe too easy! Collecting basses isn't cheap (at least they aren't Alembics or vintage Fenders)! I have scaled back my collection recently but still have photos of basses I've owned in the past.

    Please feel free to send pics of your basses or relevant links. Thanks and enjoy!
    Source URL:
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Have a magical weekend.

Spring wish list

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Lindsay Lohan's dad called the sheriff on her

    E s \ tempo par Un'altra moitié prodezza dei Lohan Michael. Justo esta tarde Lindsay \ 'papá s, bajo un legítimos premisa sorprendentemente, logró convence dos Diputados Alguacil vaya con él a' s casa \ Lindsay comprobar sobre su hermana Ali, Segun TMZ: Estamos \ dijo Ali fue en el apartamento y Diputados hablo con Esso. Je Deputati e di sinistra è stato Tues permesso Ali Rimane avec Lindsay. \ 'We Re said Michael goes now County Department LA Services Infantiles and Family per advice of \ Sheriff' s Department.

    Fuentes say Michael became one \ 'imperative \ case "' s deputies \ Sheriff - we \ said Michael deputies Ali said was was in 's car \ Lindsay return from Coachella and Auto over 100 Mph. frattempo Nel, Lindsay order tutto tweeting.

    Course: i no choice publicized them because my \ sister safety s and mining, \ "my-Dad \ ex" Just progressively INTO MI APT like \ devil intercessor s with officers .... leave \ 'no s forget my father from ROOM TRIBUNAL Kidnapped if i 4 was and is CRAZY has NEVER child paid support and marries one writer Boulevard Zeitung and can hardly spell her own name because your \ "\ brain" Prostate rovinata è di Due Utilisation de Drogues Tues suo. Mentre Lindsay recaudar Ali non lasciar nulla Tues. Direzione, tue custody e Michael Lohan fa il vostro cervello vuole strappare per sé, per metà dal totale mancanza Tues. logic. E Calci Vagin qualche mode tranne manière Efficace par Tenere i ragazzi dalla tavola tossicodipendenza e \ m poi '..

    [gallery_main-0104_lilo_bikini_01.jpg]Source URL:
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