Monday, May 31, 2010

Guest Post: A Few of My Favorite Things

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt announced the separation


    Well, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt were separated, and the representative of Heidi from the announcement Friday afternoon, like any celebrity couple "of others, in the hope of minimizing the public relations and fashion. As short as the history of civilization was, Heidi & Spencer a commitment ceremony in Mexico in November 2008. then held a lavish wedding in April 2009, which was also for her reality show filmed, The Hills have. get both a lot of Flack, that his first marriage was not legally binding (and the civil marriage that was wrong too) to follow, but reported an official license and must be for the second time these last few weeks we have a lot of rumors that the marriage of Heidi and Spencer was a year is in trouble.

    The stories on the control of behavior increasingly erratic and Spencer, including the U.S. Weekly cover concentrated in two weeks "The Battle of Heidi: Did you brainwashed. "It seems hard to separate fact from fiction with this couple who win more interested as holders of public perception. The voices seem real, even though the break, and I thought that the stories passed through the walls Spencer . These two are not enough decent players to withdraw a complicated system. And now I'm lost - perhaps. Sounds like a half-ass in the air the ad. Heidi Montag "has by her husband, Spencer Pratt, TMZ has learned separately.

    TMZ is representative Heidi Heidi tries to leave because of all the bad press controls false Spencer. She is tired of her and search the place and wants to concentrate on his acting career. "We are told Heidi - represented here in Malibu last Friday - is to try a new place to live ... Malibu. As TMZ first report, Heidi and Spencer have called the police to the mother Heidi few weeks ago. .. It was so much confusion. A source close to Heidi and Spencer told TMZ the tension in the relationship for some time ... "It was not just a sudden thing." Now it makes sense ... Heidi until Tuesday, I am not Heidi Pratt, Heidi Montag, I am. "

    [From TMZ] I know - like Heidi from the house of junk you are looking for charter with Spencer, or has already done? Not announced separation regardless whether you are just trying to get out. The people are reported as unconfirmed and it seems that Heidi not happy, but not yet ready to leave the relationship. If rejected, the search for an ad or a bit of both, remains to be seen. None of them seemed to be the head support what I think they were right made for each other. Everybody mad uneven . Spencer has a kind of Crystal Healing / kick military, while Heidi believes that all problems can be solved with the operation and make it unrecognizable. If both were very superficial and glory in search of work, but ..

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Sandra Bullock meets with her daughter for lunch every day to prevent paparazzi

    Radar Online has information to show the fate of Sandra Bullock that she has managed to hide from the paparazzi, although the star on the question of the moment. Sandra was at the luxurious Beverly Hills, but it is advisable to avoid photographers. Celebrity Paparazzi called Houdini. "He was known to have been at the hotel earlier this week his, although his current location is unknown. I think it is reasonable to assume that all the paparazzi photos that we saw after the scandal Sandra have been carefully orchestrated. I have great admiration for the way they handled this whole scandal. Even the ones I saw were probably approved before. I would have liked his condemnation of the conduct of her husband to hear, but don 'are only a part of me that is out for revenge.


    It was elegant, yet open to respect and understand why they treated the way they are. It is a smart and tough. Under the radar report: Several sources have said Bullock spent a few days in the hotel to stay mostly out of sight and deliberately avoid the paparazzi are so desperate to be photographed as part of the confessions betray Jesse James "Nightline" on ABC. "It has become the biggest celebrity Houdini", a photographer "You can escape any situation - but it does it without being seen." There were a few photos of the Oscar as the revelation of some James. And their public statements about her husband were good, given what he has done for them.


    She filed for divorce in Texas. Beverly Hills Hotel is located in the privacy of its customers exceptional, this is the nightmare of hungry paparazzi snap of Los Angeles. Such protection, with luxury hotels and private bungalows, makes it an excellent choice for a celebrity Bullock. His movements were so secret that all the paparazzi is certain is that since it was early this week, but quickly lost track of. "She was," said a source "But who knows, could make tomorrow in New Orleans." [Radar] Sandra could live there for the quiet time with your spouse, still living with his father, Jesse James. Star Magazine reports that he had lunch, at the hotel with some 'Sun, May 6 23 His story of how Sandra brought gifts for Sunny is sweet and pulls my heart. dressed Writing "The girls in the same dress in black and white rice in his arms and plays with a sketch Etch A increased during the meal. At some point, Sunny, also the tiara placed on her smile stepmother" to give up Imagine Sandra , a life with a girl she helped to enlarge and get one or two visits with her in the coming months. Sandra Jesse betrayed not leave to their children to live with the woman who planned to take had to be there for them as they grew up. It should not be considered as Sunny, the fact that there crying at the same age when he was mistreated. Jesse is, however, and when he was hurt when he hurts everyone around him .. with his selfishness .

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Lindsay Lohan is a delusional narcissist fasting

    I know, I know. Two stories depending on crack today. What can I do, I just saw these pictures of Lindsay walking in the financing of the campaign yesterday. After Fame Pictures, the new girlfriend of Lindsay Lohan continues its mission, so that only soft drinks, such as leaves Fred Segal in Santa Monica, CA 27th May 2010, Hide with a flamed orange juice over jeans SCRAM ankle bracelet with discretion. "Meanwhile, Lindsay clubs in the last two nights has gone.


    TMZ reported yesterday that Lindsay was up to 2 bar clock on Wednesday evening and this morning told People magazine that Lindsay was hopping New - no alcohol, but he looks nothing like a hole - not even an ankle bracelet monitoring can keep Lindsay Lohan on the club. taken with her new blonde hair, the star in Las Palmas in Los Angeles, clad in jeans and a hat. Laughter and smoke all night, avoiding alcohol and Lohan was honored with his group of friends. Lohan even danced around his office, Britney Spears sings during the busy evening.

    [In] The people who go to clubs with Lindsay these people are? I mean, what is the budget? It's like the Boys Club to do with anything better? However, Lindsay has to notify his probation officer every night on the phone - the poor devil. Lindsay seems, is now at the Los Angeles club scene in Los Angeles, make sure that you want to use something beautiful, and tied everything wrong with the SCRAM bracelet. Then, at midnight last night, Lindsay foot "Chanel can please help me for stickers to put on my wrist so I can at least SCRAM wear a nice dress?" Hello? "X". A small hole. [From Twitter Lindsay] What is the Stone Cold Sober also (apparently), Lindsay is still a delusional narcissist, who is sitting around the creation of theater, break a whimper and F-cking idiot. At one point we must realize that this is a F-cking is personality. Speaking of his lies, said, remembers Johnny Depp came in and said goodbye? LaineyGossip denies that bullsh-t. And here a picture courtesy of Gawker pleasure - Lindsay is with the awarding of the "hide". There are, like, a million of them. It's funny when he says he does not want to be photographed ..
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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Toby is here!

    My darlings! As you may have guessed from the radio silence, I went into labor on Monday night, and, on Tuesday at lunchtime, we welcomed Tobias Paul Goddard-Williams into the world! He weighed 5 pounds 15 ounces and has blue eyes and brown hair. He is tiny and wrinkly and just the sweetest thing in the world. We are beside ourselves and completely in love.

    I'll be taking the next month off to dote on the little man, and some guest posters will be here (I'll pop in now and again with baby photos!). Then I'll be back on July 1st and am looking forward to sharing more baby photos, the birth story, and regular posts, too, of course. Thank you so much. xo

    Sending a huge kiss to you...and the whole world!!!

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Aria Pro II SB-1000 Exhibition Models!

    UPDATE: I noticed the Japanese site has removed all of the exhibition models! So I've added all of the photos I have of these basses...
    I came across some very unusual Aria SB-1000's on Aria's Japanese site. They are apparently exhibition models and it doesn't seem like they will be produced on a large scale. However, it does look like they are for sale since they have prices listed (around 180,000 Yen!) on the site along with the specs! They're definitely some of the most unique SBs I've ever come across! There's even a model with a Kahler Tremolo! I'm kind of partial to the black 5 string with orange stripes!
    Here are some pics, but be sure to follow the link to Aria's site for even more photos!

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Monday, May 24, 2010

Sunday Suppers

    Sunday Suppers is the amazing cooking class in Brooklyn, where photographer Karen Mordechai invites a guest chef into her home to teach a small group how to cook a delicious dinner from start to finish. When Martha Stewart Living decided to write an article about Sunday Suppers, Alex and I were lucky enough to be invited to the photo shoot. We were psyched...
    I dressed up in a Gap maternity dress, stretched an apron over my belly and joined a group of lovely people (including Sarah from Saipua)...
    Alex poured blood-orange liqueur over fruit to make Boozy Fruit...
    And under the careful watch of the guest chef--Martha Stewart Living food editor, Shira--we all chopped, diced and stirred to prepare an Italian feast.
    Here, Sarah shows off the herbed flatbread...
    The meatballs were rich and fragrant, paired with a fresh tomato sauce...
    And my favorite part of the meal, hands down, was the ridiculously delicious penne frittata with basil, ricotta and lots of pepper. I would highly recommend it (and definitely ate more than my fair share).
    During dinner, we all chatted and drank Prosecco (well, water for me). Ben and Laura, the cute couple behind Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream, told us about their wedding in Central Park, recent trip to Bali, and how pistachio is their most popular ice-cream flavor.
    Weren't the flowers by Saipua wild and wonderful? Sunday Suppers classes are always styled beautifully.
    For dessert, we had delicious cookies...
    ...and affogato, an Italian dessert of espresso poured over gelato.
    The classes always end with a little favor, and, that day, we got to take home Frankies Spuntino olive oil, as well as a booklet with the recipes. It was such a great day. If you'd like, you can sign up for a Sunday Suppers class here -- they're amazing! And read the full Martha Stewart article here and find the recipes here. We were embarrassingly excited to appear in the magazine, and, needless to say, our moms flipped out. :) Thanks again for including us, Karen!

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