Saturday, July 31, 2010

A groaner of a linguistics joke

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Friday, July 30, 2010

BEST wedding video

Have a happy weekend (+ Bachelorette finale on Monday!)

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bebe in the bath

and a bit of Mary Margaret O'Hara

More support bands I have seen = A II Z

Another Toadflax Brocade Moth pic

Toby's first giggle!



Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Toadflax Brocade Moth!

    Hi, I'm Calophasia lunula, or the Toadflax Brocade Moth. Jams O'Donnell's not wife found me in the front garden flitting among the flowers - not far from where the caterpillars of my species were found last month.

    I am rarely seen in England except at Dungeness and a few places on the South Coast. Romford is not where I am usually found. If there had not been yellow toadflax and valerian in the front garden i oould not be seen nowSource URL:
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The end is nigher than we thought

    Don’t worry about 2012, we won’t last that long if Maria Exley of Colorado Springs is to be believed.

    According the Colorado Springs Gazette she is convinced that the end of the world will come next year. So strong is her conviction that she’s paid $1,200 to buy advertising space on 10 Springs bus benches through October to get the word out. The ad says, “Save the Date! Return of Christ: May 21, 2011,”

    Exley got the idea for the ads from listening to Family Radio, a Christian broadcast hosted by controversial Christian leader Harold Camping. Camping predicts Christ will return on the date in Exley’s advertisement. Listeners in other states have also purchased outdoor ad space to proclaim the date.

    The ads are written and designed by the creators of, an Ohio-based web site devoted to reminding people of Christ’s return. “We hope it raises awareness and sends people to their Bible,” said Robert Dunham, spokesman for

    “Time is running out, but there is still time for salvation.”

    Well that’s me convinced. Henceforth I will abjure my sinful ways. No more frottage, felching or other foul fornication for me. No more strong liquor, swearing or sinful thoughts. From now on it’s prayer and penance all the way.... Ah fuck it I’ll stay damned!Source URL:
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Fragment lights

A honey bee and echinops this time

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Birth story

Check out the new features:

    We've added some new features. A Barktender page, so that you know who to look for when you're thirsty or hungry, DJ theme hours, and an entire custom menu of fine food and specialty drinks. Of course our talented Barktenders are also very talented short order cooks, so they can whip up just about anything your heart could desire in our fully equipped kitchen. Our staff is remarkably versatile and well trained, and we are proud of them.

    Thanks, KingTuttiFruiti & TheNascarKitty.

    Our staff, from Left to right from Top: MarioDaCat, TinyPearlCat, Kittehboi, GeorgeTheDuck, KingTuttiFruiti, BunnyJeanCook, TheNascarKitty, MaggieTCat, HankTheDoggy, CathyKeisha ParkerSKat.

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Similar Cases

    There was once a little animal,
    No bigger than a fox,
    And on five toes he scampered
    Over Tertiary rocks.
    They called him Eohippus,
    And they called him very small,
    And they thought him of no value --
    When they thought of him at all;
    For the lumpish old Dinoceras
    And Coryphodon so slow
    Were the heavy aristocracy
    In days of long ago.

    Said the little Eohippus,
    “I am going to be a horse!
    And on my middle finger-nails
    To run my earthly course!
    I’m going to have a flowing tail!
    I’m going to have a mane!
    I’m going to stand fourteen hands high
    On the psychozoic plain!”

    The Coryphodon was horrified,
    The Dinoceras was shocked;
    And they chased young Eohippus,
    But he skipped away and mocked.
    Then they laughed enormous laughter,
    And they groaned enormous groans.
    And they bade young Eohippus
    Go view his father’s bones.
    Said they, “You always were as small
    And mean as now we see,
    And that’s conclusive evidence
    That you’re always going to be.
    What! Be a great, tall, handsome beast,
    With hoofs to gallop on?
    Why! You’d have to change your nature!
    Said the Loxolophodon.
    They considered him disposed of,
    And retired with gait serene;
    That was the way they argued
    In “the early Eocene”.
    There was once an Anthropoidal Ape,
    Far smarter than the rest,
    And everything that they could do
    He always did the best;
    So they naturally disliked him
    And they gave him shoulders cool,
    And when they had to mention him
    They said he was a fool.

    Cried this pretentious Ape one day,
    “I’m going to be a man!
    And stand upright, and hunt, and fight,
    And conquer all I can!
    I’m going to cut down forest trees,
    To make my houses higher!
    I’m going to kill the Mastodon!
    I’m going to make a fire!”

    Loud screamed the Anthropoidal Apes
    With laughter wild and gay;
    They tried to catch that boastful one,
    But he always got away.
    So they yelled at him in chorus,
    Which he minded not a whit;
    And they pelted him with cocoanuts,
    Which didn’t seem to hit.
    And then they gave him reasons
    Which they thought of much avail,
    To prove how his preposterous
    Attempt was sure to fail.
    Said the sages, “In the first place,
    The thing cannot be done!
    And, second, if it could be,
    It would not be any fun!
    And, third, and most conclusive,
    And admitting no reply,
    You would have to change your nature!
    We should like to see you try!”
    They chuckled then triumphantly,
    These lean and hairy shapes,
    For these things passed as arguments
    With the Anthropoidal Apes.

    There was once a Neolithic Man,
    An enterprising wight,
    Who made his chopping implements
    Unusually bright.
    Unusually clever he,
    Unusually brave,
    And he drew delightful Mammoths
    On the borders of his cave.
    To his Neolithic neighbours,
    Who were startled and surprised,
    Said he, “My friends, in course of time,
    We shall be civilized!
    We are going to live in cities!
    We are going to fight in wars!
    We are going to eat three times a day
    Without the natural cause!
    We are going to turn life upside down
    About a thing called gold!
    We are going to want the earth, and take
    As much as we can hold!
    We are going to wear great piles of stuff
    Outside our proper skins!
    We are going to have Diseases!
    And Accomplishments!! And Sins!!!”

    Then they all rose up in fury
    Against their boastful friend,
    For prehistoric patience
    Cometh quickly to an end.
    Said one, “This is chimerical!
    Utopian! Absurd!”
    Said another, “What a stupid life!
    Too dull, upon my word!”
    Cried all, Before such things can come,
    You idiotic child,
    You must alter Human Nature!
    And they all sat back and smiled.
    Thought they, “An answer to that last
    It will be hard to find!”
    It was a clinching argument
    to the Neolithic mind!

    by Charlotte Anna Perkins GilmanSource URL:
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Napping adventures

Mega Rat!

    The Gambian pouched rats used to detect mines and sniff out TB samples are big fellows, a lot bigger than Rattus rattus or norvegicus. But they are small compared to ancestral rats discovered by archaeologists in East Timor

    Science Daily reports that the bones are from what was the biggest rat that has ever lived. When alive it would have weighed 6 kilos. The excavations also yielded 11 species of rodents new to science. Eight of them weighed a kilogram or more.

    Carbon dating shows that the biggest rat that ever lived survived until around 1000 to 2000 years ago, along with most of the other Timorese rodents found during the excavation. Only one of the smaller species found is known to survive on Timor today.

    Each of the islands of eastern Indonesia evolved it own unique collection of rats.
    Dr Aplin of CSIRO who headed the search has also found six new rat species in a cave on the island of Flores. Some of these might still be living on Flores having evaded detection by modern collectors.

    Currently the biggest rats weigh around 2 kg and live in rainforests in the Philippines and New Guinea.
    At six kilos the rat would weigh not a lot less than Boris or Robyn. I couldn’t even imagine Bebe having a go at one of them!

    CSIRO Australia (2010, July 26). Archaeologists discover biggest rat that ever lived: Weight of about 6 kilograms (over 13 lb). ScienceDaily. Retrieved July 27, 2010, from¬ /releases/2010/07/100726094909.htmSource URL:
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Hot news from DPRK

    Yes I know that making fun of Korean Central News Agency stories (the organ ofthe DPRK) is like shooting fish in a barrel... but what the hell, here goes

    Art Performances Given by Art Squads of Mills

    Pyongyang, July 26 (KCNA) -- The art squad of the Kim Jong Suk Pyongyang Silk Mill and the itinerant art squad of the Pyongyang Textile Mill gave their art performances at the People's Palace of Culture from July 21 to 25.

    The performances were enjoyed by officials of party and power organs, working people's organizations, ministries and national institutions, servicepersons and working people from all walks of life in the city of Pyongyang.

    In such numbers as chorus "The General Is Our Father", dialogic poem "We Sing of the Loving Care Shown by the Three Commanders of Mt. Paektu", female chorus and pangchang "Recollecting the Birthplace" the performers highly sang of the immortal feats of the great persons of Mt. Paektu who put forward the working class as the driving forces of the revolution and led them to become performers of heroic feats.

    Tale and singing "My Beloved Workplace", female chorus "Oriole Chirps in Compound of Our Mill", female solo and Janggu ensemble "Let's Go to Pick Mulberry Leaves" and witty talk "Hot Wind of Emulation" struck a deep impression on the audience as they truthfully represented the devoted efforts of the working people and their worthwhile life.

    Put on the stage were also numbers reflecting the faith and will of the workers to uphold the party and the leader with victory in the drive for great surge.

    AH what would I give to hear songs with such snappy titles!

    Source URL:
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Monday, July 26, 2010

Prepare for take off

Wedding menus

Celestial backpacks

Travel fantasy: Treehotel

Lindsay Lohan had her jail sentence due to failure
    Lohan failure to admit that I know this sound stupid, but honestly, I think if Lindsay went to jail, that the constant flood of fraud and save to crack daily updates about his life. I was wrong. Because even if you can not see the visual "pleasure", which is in a state of Lindsay on a daily basis, we still have some legal changes. And the news is not good for people to see, crazy, true love, crazy drug forcibly thrown in jail for long. Radar reports that Lindsay had two days beard, and had his prison sentence of two weeks. Lindsay should appear next week, be:
    Lindsay Lohan costs is as quick as possible to the plan. has learned that Lindsay only had two days shaved off his sentence. This means that 24 years, the actress left the Lynwood Correctional Facility in late July - far earlier than expected after his sentence was reduced to 90 days. learned exclusively that the judge was up to two days credit for time in custody Lindsay had been contractually agreed. Shawn Chapman Holley Lindsay lawyer presented evidence it was entitled to two days of credit.
    In addition, the team hopes that Lindsay will live because of overcrowding of Lynwood. Lindsay is the first August and 2 August will be released which means that 14 days would serve his sentence of 90 days. But now it is in July. Another source said Lindsay team is working to strengthen its official release date forward. It is hoped that the actress could also be published this weekend! "Team Lindsay is doing everything to secure his release from prison this weekend, a source said in the said Lohan. Will not you succeed? Guaranteed, but we think in all, the source said.
    [Radar ]   In addition, it was believed that because Lindsay was a special treat in every direction - even on days when no visit to bring the tourists. In prison, seemed relieved Finishing Special (Lindsay finally had a power outage from prison), but the radar reports was from the attorney Lindsay, Shawn Chapman Holley, was to "spend hours" with her in prison yesterday's talk of legal strategy, I think. MA come - Dina and Ali this weekend, so sad. Oh, shit - I just saw this: Some sources in Los Angeles complain that Lindsay could go today. I hope we were just talking about their asses. So Lindsay is under control 24 hours a day because he was self-mutilation. Since his incarceration.
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