Thursday, September 30, 2010

My view at 6:30am

Baroness Warsi and election fraud

    Baroness Warsi has been interviewed in the current issue of the New Statesman by Mehdi Hassan. I have not read the article (it not being online and I still not feeling quite my best and thau with no plans to leave the house today) but going by his New Stateman blog it is clear that Warsi has made some serious but unsubstantiated allegations. about Labour electoral frud

    …. the chairman of the Conservative Party and minister without portfolio, in this week's New Statesman, she makes a remarkable claim about the extent of electoral fraud at the last general election and

    "At least three seats where we lost, where we didn't gain the seat, based on electoral fraud. Now, could we have planned for that in the campaign? Absolutely not."

    This is the first time a senior minister has made such a blunt and specific allegation about the impact of electoral fraud on the general election result.

    Can she reveal the names of those seats?

    "I think it would be wrong to start identifying them," she says, but adds: "It is predominantly within the Asian community. I have to look back and say we didn't do well in those communities, but was there something over and above that we could have done? Well, actually not, if there is going to be voter fraud."

    I asked Warsi if she believed the Labour Party in those three seats had benefited from the alleged fraud. Her answer?


    Hmm to say “I think it would be wrong to identify them” is simply not good enough. If she has good evidence of fraud then it is her absolute duty to ensure that the evidence is presented to the police forthwith. If this is a case of hearsay or just sour grapes then she should not make such allegations.

    I’m not saying that Warsi is lying. There were indeed cases of alleged fraud at the last election: for example in Two men were arrested in April on suspicion of electoral fraud in April, This took place in Halifax, a marginal seat where Labour did win.

    And it is not hard to find example of convictions for electoral fraud here are a few from the last two years or so:

    In 2008 Tory activist John Hall was fined £1000 after duping people to fill in proxy voter forms during the 2007 Winchester City Council elections.

    Last year six men were jailed for sentences varying from fourh to forty months for election fraud during an election in the Slough Central ward in May 2007 where . Labour councillor Lydia Simmons lost her seat to Tory Raja Khan.

    In April a former Tory councillor was found guilty of election fraud at Bradford Crown Court. Mohammed Saghir had fraudulently applied for five proxy votes in other people's names in the May 2008 local election.

    Just a few weeks ago Five men, including two former councillors, were jailed for their parts in a failed postal votes scam intended to get a Conservative candidate elected in the 2005 general election. A newspaper investigation and police inquiry had unearthed a plot to get Tory candidate Haroon Rashid elected in the marginal Bradford West seat using hundreds of fraudulent postal vote applications. The five were jailed for between 11 and 31 months.

    Hmm seems like there is a problem after all!Source URL:
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Laughter yoga

Golden Gate Bridge dinner party

Aria Pro II RSB Deluxe Modification

    David from Canada sends in pics of a beautifully modified 1985 RSB Deluxe bass. David says the bass, originally black, was damaged slightly on a plane trip. Although the damage was not severe, he took the opportunity to give the bass a complete makeover using exotic woods. The result is a bass that looks like it came out straight out of the Aria Pro Custom Shop!

    David selected Imbuia (Brazilian walnut) for the 'wings' and and the lighter shaded Zebrano (Zebrawood) for the middle and headstock. The bass also looks terrific under stage lighting. In addition to the woodwork, David also had EMGs installed.

    Unfortunately, David sold the bass but hopes to one day buy it back or even have another bass modified with exotic wood tops. Send in the pics if you do, David!

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Even more fascinating Exoplanet news

    Back in 2007 I put up a post about the discovery of an exoplanet Gliese 581c. At the time it was one of three planets discovered around the red dwarf star Gliese 581c which is just 20 light years from earth ( Just down the road in astronomical terms but for the foreseeable future it may as well be on the other side of the universe in terms of getting up close and personal).

    Gliese 581c is close to the star’s so called Goldilocks zone (aka the Habitable Zone or HZ - the band around a star where water can exist in liquid form and thus amenable to life…. or at least life that may be remotely earth-like). At the time it was the smallest know extra solar planet was considered a possible location of extrasolar life.

    Gliese 581 seems to be a goldmine for exoplanets: In 2009, 581d, a “super-earth” was found to be in the HZ; 581e, although beyond the HZ is at 1.9 times the mass of the earth the smallest exoplanet so far.

    And there’s more!

    According to today’s Guardian there is yet another planet , Gliese 581g , which is potentially habitable (being in the HZ) and of a similar size to Earth.

    Gliese 581g, has a mass of three to four times that of Earth and takes 37 days to orbit the star. Astronomers believe it is a rocky planet with enough gravity to retain an atmosphere.

    One side of the planet is always facing the star, much as one side of the moon constantly faces Earth. This means that the far side of the planet is constantly in darkness. The most habitable region of the planet would be the line between the light and dark regions.

    The average temperature on the planet is estimated to be between -31 to -12C, but the ground temperature would vary from blazing hot on the bright side and freezing on the dark side.

    "Our findings offer a very compelling case for a potentially habitable planet," said Steven Vogt, an astronomer at the University of California, Santa Cruz. "The fact that we were able to detect this planet so quickly and so nearby tells us that planets like this must be really common."

    "The number of systems with potentially habitable planets is probably on the order of 10 or 20 percent, and when you multiply that by the hundreds of billions of stars in the Milky Way, that's a large number. There could be tens of billions of these systems in our galaxy,"

    This is utterly fascinating stuff. I can imagine that such discoveries will be come more and more commonplace.. I can only imagine what newer and more advanced telescopes will reveal.

    Shame that we will never see them in the flesh thoughSource URL:
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At last!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

September 30, 2010 NipClub Barktender Wars!!!!!

    Tonight we will feature some of our most creative barktenders going head to head in epic battles of creativity and customer service!!!!

    We will start the night with a special guest @RudyCKat versuss @MarioDaCat from 8 to 8:15, then @MarioDaCat will take on KingTuttiFruiti from 8:15 til 9.

    At 9 o'clock the marvelous @Meow_Girls will take on the terrific @BunnyJeanCook

    Then at 10:00 NipClub will be turned on it's head at the master of mixology @GeorgeTheDuck takes on the super popular, super creative @TinyPearlCat.

    So come on in and have some free drinks and noms as these great barktenders go the extra mile to keep you entertained and provide fun for all.

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Aria Pro II SB-1010

    jean valencias
    from Wisconsin has obtained a very rare version of the SB-1000 called the SB-1010. His is from 1985. It's a medium scale version of the SB-1000. Fellow Aria fan Yutaka was able to translate the 1986 catalog info on the SB-1010. There isn't a photo of the SB-1010 in the catalog, just a short description. The SB-1010 has the same BB Circuit as the 1000. However the bridge is not brass, and does not have the narrow string spacing like the Sb-1000. The 1010 has a chrome bridge found on other SB models such as the SB-R60. The body and headstock are noticeably smaller on the SB-1010. Yutaka explained that it was designed for the smaller Japanese players. Although the catalog states they were available in black and padouk red, I've only seen black versions. Here are some pictures from jean valencias. You can see the difference between the 1010 and the 1000, and the shorter headstock:

    Another example of the SB-1010 can be found on Graeme's SB pages.

    Thanks again to jean valencias for sending in pics of this rare model. You can see more photos of his basses here.
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Wednesday giveaway!

Iranian "King of the bloggers" sentenced to 19 1/2 years

    For me Hossein Derakshan falls in to the category "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it". From what I have read of his work ( mainly his Comment is Free articles in the Grauniad) he could certainly write utter rubbish.

    What he certainly doesn't deserve is a huge prison sentence. 19 1/2 year prison sentence followed being convicyed of "cooperating with enemy states, making propaganda against the Islamic system of government, promoting small anti-revolutionary groups, managing obscene web sites and insulting Islamic sanctities,".

    He had been in detention in Evin prison in Tehran since his arrest on November 1, 2008,

    Hadi Ghaemi, executive director of the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran, condemned the sentence. "This is the longest sentence issued against a blogger in Iran, and it is solely because of his opinions and blogging. The sentence is meant to send a chilling message to the Iranian youth to stay away from the internet in practicing their freedom of expression,"

    A journalist working on a reformist newspaper before emigrating to Canada in 200,Derakhshan set up a blog , titled Editor Myself on It gained worldwide attention, particularly for his blog start up guides for fellow Iranians.

    He was no stranger to controversy: in 2006 he became what must have been the traveled to Israel on his Canadian passport.

    Shortly before his imprisonment Hossein Derakhshan began writing in support of of the regime, However this was not enough to save his skin.

    To get an idea of Derakhshan's later work try this index at Comment is Free. Proof positive that a volte face will not save you from a regime like Iran's.

    Even if I think much of the CiF writings are utter drivel (check out his critique of Persepolis for a corker of twisted logic!) there is no way the man deserve 19.5 seconds in custody, let alone the appalling sentence handed down by the regime.Source URL:
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Been a while since I posted some Darya Dadvar

Helmet style

Burmese elections will be free and fair – official!

    Burmese foreign minister keeps straight face when declaring elections will be free and fair!

    Well according to Burma's foreign minister U Nyan Win who has declared that the junta is committed to a "free and fair'' vote in the upcoming national election on November 7; one which will be "a critical phase of its (Burma’s) political transformation process.''

    In a speech to the UN General Assembly he said that more than 3,000 candidates from 37 parties would take part in the vote for 1,171 parliamentary seats.

    "Such a large participation made it crystal clear that the elections become virtually inclusive,'' the minister said. "With its ample experiences and lessons learned in holding multiparty general elections in the past history, Burma is confident in its ability to conduct the elections in an orderly manner.

    "Whatever the challenges facing us, we are committed to do our best for the successful holding of the free and fair general elections for the best interest of the country and its people.''

    Well there you go. I bet you’re all convinced by U Nyan Win’s reassuring words… I know I am! I daresay some fellow leftists will continue to view the junta as a good anti imperialistic, anti American bunch, while, as usual, solipsist libertarians will not give a damn… Hiho

    When I say reassured, I mean reassured that the man is talking bollocks. There are four words missing from this election: AUNG, SAN, SUU and KYI.

    As for experience of multiparty elections, the vermin in charge of that blighted country have experience of ignoring any election they find inconvenient (to wit a 1990 landslide for Aung San Suu Kyi)

    Come 8 November I can predict that the Union Solidarity and Development Party will be major winners. That this party is headed by Thein Sein, the current Prime Minister and thus beloved of the junta is a mere coincidenceSource URL:
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Maine perfume

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Echinops after the blooming


Rachida Dati puts, ahem ,foot in mouth

    Erstwhile French Justice minister Rachida Dati seems to have managed to give Fance (and the rest of the world) a laugh when she made a slip of the tongue (fnur fnur) and accidentally used the word "fellation" instead of "inflation" in a television interview.

    "These foreign investment funds are only interested in excessive profits," she said. "When I see some of them demand a return of 20 or 25 per cent, when fellation is almost non-existent... I say they are just trying to destroy businesses."

    Ms Dati showed no sign of being aware of her lapse and pressed on with her interview with Anne-Sophie Lapix on Dimanche Plus, a current affairs show on the Canal Plus cable channel. Within minutes, a clip had been posted on Daily Motion, the French version of YouTube.

    Asked about the incident in a radio interview yesterday, Ms Dati burst into laughter. "I was told about it afterwards," she said. "I was just speaking a little too quickly but if I've given everyone a laugh, then that's fine."

    Ms Dati was exiled to the European Parliament in 2009 after falling out with Nicholas Sarkozy... Her next role? Perhaps the new French Ambassador to Rockall?

    Ach it would be so easy for me t use lots of innuendo in this post but I will not deign to do so. After all one can be the consequence of the other….Source URL:
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Monday, September 27, 2010

Swans Can't Find My Way Home

Robot man

Stockholm style

Brooklyn Diary

Cold and Methotrexate, a killer combination!

Aliens ate my Pershing!

    We have come for your children, err weapons

    Back in the 80s I often wondered whether we would see the 90s or if we would turn ourselves into a radioactive pile. The events of 1983 (Able Archer, KAL 007) in hindsight show how close we were to Armageddon, while the film Threads caused more than one lost night’s sleep.

    But now it seems we were never in danger at all… if a group of former US officers are to be believed (honest!)

    According to the Telegraph aliens have landed and deactivated nuclear missile systems, well at least the British and American ones anyway…

    The unlikely claims have been compiled by six former US airmen and another member of the military who interviewed or researched the evidence of 120 ex-military personnel.

    The information they have collected suggests that aliens could have landed on Earth as recently as seven years ago.

    One of the men, Capt Robert Salas, said: "The US Air Force is lying about the national security implications of unidentified aerial objects at nuclear bases and we can prove it…. I was on duty when an object came over and hovered directly over the site. "The missiles shut down - 10 Minuteman missiles. And the same thing happened at another site a week later. There's a strong interest in our missiles by these objects, wherever they come from. I personally think they're not from planet Earth."

    Others claim to have seen similar activity in the UK. Col Charles Halt said he saw a UFO at the former military base RAF Bentwaters (or Woodbridge… not that it matters really as Woodbridge and Bentwaters was a twin base) 30 years ago, during which he saw beams of light fired into the base then heard on the military radio that aliens had landed inside the nuclear storage area.

    He said: "I believe that the security services of both the United States and the United Kingdom have attempted - both then and now - to subvert the significance of what occurred at RAF Bentwaters by the use of well-practised methods of disinformation." (Ah the Rendlesham forest thingy…..)

    And so on and so forth. I suppose the Aliens did the same in the USSR and Russia, China, France etc but would have come a right cropper when they tried to deactivate the Andorran arsenal!Source URL:
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Cliff Burton - 1962-1986

Sunday, September 26, 2010

being a poor tribute to John Milton's bawdiness

Milton and some bawdy verse

    Last week the Independent reported that academics at Oxford University struck gold when they discovered a poem by John Milton while sifting through their archives.

    However if you think that the work is another Paradise Lost you will be disappointed. the work is an innuendo-laden ditty titled "An Extempore Upon A Faggot", was found in the university's Harding Collection, the world's largest collection of popular poetic anthologies and songbooks.

    The handwritten poem appears to have been signed by Milton but is written in a style utterly unlike his own, and does not tally with his status as an epic poet, polemicist and scholarly man of letters.

    "To see the name of John Milton, the great religious and political polemicist, attached to such a bawdy epigram, is extremely surprising to say the least," said the discoverer Dr Jennifer Batt. "The poem is so out of tune with the rest of his work, that if the attribution is correct, it would prompt a major revision of our ideas about Milton. It is likely that Milton's name was used as an attribution to bring scandal upon the poet, perhaps by a jealous contemporary."

    The poem came to light as Dr Batt trawled through the Harding Collection, which is owned by Oxford University's Bodleian Library. It had been read before, but nobody had noticed that Milton's name had been scrawled at the bottom.

    And here’s the poem in question:

    Have you not in a Chimney seen
    A Faggot which is moist and green
    How coyly it receives the Heat
    And at both ends do's weep and sweat?
    So fares it with a tender Maid
    When first upon her Back she's laid
    But like dry Wood th' experienced Dame
    Cracks and rejoices in the Flame.

    On the other hand it is not unknown for poets to write bawdy verse – they have been doing that since before the days of Catullus. As for the works of John Wilmot, the libertine earl of Rochester….!!! Still some poets do so more discretely – It was only in 1998 that TS Elliot was confirmed to be the author of the Ballad of Eskimo Nell, while there is some evidence that John Knox actually wrote The Balle o’ Kerymur with the intention that it be part of his seminal work The First Blast of the Trumpet Against the Monstrous Regiment of WomenSource URL:
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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Have a happy weekend

Congratulations to Miliband Minor

Lindsay out of jail and Lohan, was his decision and met bail revoked

    It turns out that TMZ was right when they say that Lindsay was not in jail without bail for two drug tests do not, the crimes were released. Lindsay's lawyer appealed to his name and his proposal to languish in jail without bail until his next meeting was canceled yesterday. Bail was set at $ 300,000, met him, and now that is terrorizing the streets again. The positive side is that small was ordered to take alcohol detection Scram bracelet and stay away from nightclubs. I am sure she will be buried many "drinks on the device, and not so much important business meetings, you can not miss in a dark bar, according to the clock at 1:00.

    Here is the TMZ report:

        Lindsay Lohan will soon be a free woman, because the judge just set aside the decision of Judge Elden Fox and Lilo on bail ... TMZ has learned.

        The judge decided to Fox this morning ... Lindsay can be held without bail. But apparently, the judge's decision contradicts the law of California that gives defendants the right to bail in the case of misconduct.

        Court Judge Patricia Schnegg, Los Angeles County supervisor assistant referees criminal released on bail only the judge's decision in the case of Fox Judges set bail of $ 300,000 Schnegg.

        Lindsey, who is in prison Lynnwood right now to get in the near future ... maybe in a few hours.

        UPDATE 06.02 GMT Watch Lindsay needs to get the Scram bracelet (this is his third) for 24 hours - and according to the conditions of bail can not be known throughout the medicine ... and must submit to the search for the prosecution at any time. In addition, the nightclubs of the big no-no ... Linds should stay away from places where alcohol is a "substantial argument."

        UPDATE 22.10 CET clock: TMZ has learned that Lindsay published his beloved slave bail. Now you can get out of prison Lynnwood, and you can only ask for a ride.

    [From TMZ]

    Radar Online reminds us that this is the alcohol sensing device Scram third is that Lohan was equipped at the age of 24 years. I am sure that Judge Fox was aware that his decision to be quickly refuted, but he gave Lohan clock, never, never be anything other than delaying the button.
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Lindsay Lohan is "very cautious" in his cell, separated
    Might as well to all the details, right? Well, first of all in this recent photo of Lindsay Lohan reserve. That makes three, four, and this is the second in 2010. This is only the first photo ginger Lohan! Interesting factoid. It was also immediately after the release on bail of Lindsay, was handcuffed and taken away, but initially "seemed surprised" and "jumped to see his lawyer." Here is a wonderful artist representation, that courtesy of TMZ:

    Also - looks like a police officer was harassing their rights? Maybe she muttered something about "Firecrotch." Anyhoodle TMZ received a statement from Shawn Chapman Holley, the judge said that Fox has no legal basis "for denying bail Lohan I tend to believe that the judge had every reason -. He said that if drugs or alcohol take back to jail, and he was alone.

    I also think they should go to jail because they do not want to see your video more children. Apparently, this judge and the judge a Fox Fox, who, when Lindsay will, if it really before their hearing is October 22. I wonder if Dean "I Fired Up" would be tough games "with his" baby. " More: Lindsay Louboutins contributed $ 1,195 for his court appearance. I think Dean should take home, because the photographers have some photos of Dean in a pouch, as things Lindsay has been identified. Disgusting, Lindsay was not wearing shoes HANS.

    So Lindsay is now in prison. The representative of the County Sheriff's Office in Los Angeles, said that the media is Lindsay. "Very cooperative, very modest and quiet they have asked more of it." Modesto? It's probably just break the conspiracy of the following Hijink. More: Lindsay is disconnected from the larger prison. See F-cking smile before going to court. She is a right little bitch.
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