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Colored Gold – the Precious Riot of Shades

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    Yellow gold is deemed as the quintessence of refinement and perfect manners, the sign of perfect taste and style. Gold is available in red, pink, green, blue and even black colors, though. Reputed jewelry houses employ all the shades to create their accessories while colored gold is only seizing minds of ordinary consumers. Average consumer still refers to colored gold as to the metal of lower purity and quality.

    Colored gold was first employed by jewelers in the end of the XIX century when new metals of precious group were developed as osmium, rhodium and palladium. Production designers put some efforts and experimented with alloys. The color additive has nothing to affect the quality and purity of the gold.

    The jewelry industry never uses absolutely pure gold. The .585 fine gold has 58,5% of precious metal while the gold of .750 fine has the 75% metal, respectively. It is interesting that most accessories from color gold come as gold of .750 fine.

    The colored additive is called alloy in jewelry sphere. And the shade of gold depends on its composition. The most popular alloys are silver and copper.

    White gold

    The jewelry items from white gold are ranked as reputable and worthy. It is often exploited to trim diamonds. Palladium and platinum are used to make white gold. Yet, the alloy differs from the natural platinum in color, with the slight tint of yellow. Nickel is less expensive to add to white gold though reputed jewelers quit using it since nickel often causes allergic reaction when contacted with the skin.

    Pink and red gold

    When copper is added to gold, pink and red shades are obtained for the more copper is there in the alloy, the richer and deeper is the color. From old times red gold is used to cast church domes and some time late it was practiced in making women’s jewelry and accessories. Red and pink gold are known also as the love gold and quite romantic and gentle jewelry is made from them.

    Green gold

    Silver, zinc and palladium are used in equal proportions to obtain the greenish shade. Green or olive gold is made when gold is alloyed with potassium. These alloys are too fragile and are not, thus, appropriate to cast whole jewelry. Precious stones are trimmed with yellow gold insertions and they are also used to imitate floristic elements in jewelry design.

    Blue gold

    The composition and technology of blue gold acquiring has been the secret for many years as well as the black gold mystery. Some jewelry houses publish some information at corporate web-sites on the gold obtained with the alloy of indium or rhodium. The blue gold by the Argentinean jeweler Antoniassi who obtained the alloy of .958 fine was found the real fable. The percentage of the pure precious metal is over ninety percent. His colleagues suspect that the designer added some cobalt to gold.

    Violet gold

    The exotic violet color was attained by the intermetallic compound of .750 fine with aluminum or potassium. This is not the alloy but the sol-called metallide. К unfortunately, the violet gold has the disadvantage to all other color gold since it is incredibly fragile and is used in jewelry as the insetting or imitation of faceted precious stones.

    Black gold

    Black color seems to be the most unusual for the precious metal. To obtain this shade, the gold is mixed with cobalt and chromium simultaneously oxidizing the new assembly at higher temperature. The surface is painted to black color with the help of the black rhodium or amorphous carbon.

    Black gold looks benefitial when combined with other color gold, like alloy with classic yellow, red and white.

    Tendencies by reputed brands

    The jewelry combination of cold colors, as clack, white and blue come to become the major tendency of the jewelry world this season. Gold jewelry of appropriate color gamut will also in favor.

    The jewelry house Chopard is still faithful to its traditions accentuating the white and pink gold. The Frey Wille Company presented the collection of 18 Carat Jewelry based upon rings and pendants styled hippies of the most adventurous shades of color gold.

    Boucheron, known for its sympathy to black gold presented the new wonder – the ring from the gold of chocolate tint created by the designer Solange Azaguri-Patridge. It is made as the chocolate with the bite with B letter in the core.

    The King of jewelry, Cartier House with the Graf House demonstrated unique jewelry items from white gold based upon yellow gold, though.

    Gold is still gold, whatever color it is and it is still the most popular and demanded precious metal among others. 

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