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Harry Potter Saga Stars and How Wealthy They Are

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    Cinematography is the wonderful area of human commercial and artistic activity when the age is not the barrier to acquire huge income. The earnings are stunning, indeed. Cases when the young actor being a toddle acquires earnings that his old folks got for the entire of their life are not rare. And the acting trio of the youth who starred in the movie the box-office of which was several billion dollars is worth mentioning. These talented people are Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint, who starred in the legendary cycle of films about the wizard boy and his friends.

    Daniel Radcliffe

    Daniel Radcliffe is the first in the rating of highly paid actors, he is the key figure in this trio actors and the trade brand. A young man who is only 21 started his acting career in the far 2001 when he was only 12 before he became the idol for the junior population. Daniel earned 150 thousand pounds sterling for the first film about the wizard guy «Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone». Such a modest amount of money in the light of his income fortoday is easily explained. The film was the triumph and success and Radcliffe earned more solid amount of three million US dollars for the next «Harry Potter and secret room» (2002).

    Furthermore, it was obvious that films about Potter became legendary and significant box-office income was guaranteed. Income of Radcliffe increased, either. His salary for the film «Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire» (2005) totaled 5,6 million pounds sterling (or 11 million US dollars). The project «Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix» (2007) Radcliffe earned 8 million pounds (or 14 million US dollars). Thanks to this income, as well as the income gained from the sale of various souvenir things with the symbols of Harry Potter and the face of Daniel Radcliffe, the young boy was acknowledged as the riches teenager in Great Britain with his total asset to be to 50 million US dollars in 2007. he put around 40 million US dollars in 2009 as the fee to star in the film «Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince»,as well as other side affairs. Besides, there is opinion that the young actor will receive another 40 million US dollars to star in the final season about Harry Potter, the movie «Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows». So, very soon the income of Daniel Radcliffe will go over 100 million US dollars and he will take the challenge to choose which films to pick up and feature and which - not.

    Emma Watson

    Emma Watson possessed far moderate money, though she has too solid singer. She starredas Hermione Granger as the chief role. A young talented actress was born on April 15, 1990 and thus, she is the youngest out of three of them and she yields to Daniel in acquiring her salary. She started with too modest fee for her work though throughout several latest seasons she earns four to five million US dollars to star in Potteriana. She also gained from the sale of souvenir products with the attributes and images of the film and participation in various commercials of the legendary world producers. Thus, to the year 2008, when Emma was eighteen and she reached the full age, she possessed around twenty million US dollars at her banc account.

    The totals of the precious year revealed that her wealth increased twice as much and equals to 30 million US dollars to the moment. Also the ubiquitous reporters found out that Emma will receive around 10 million pounds sterling for the last two movies abut Harry Potter and will get more seductive and attractive for all men.

    Rupert Grint

    Rupert Grint is the eldest leading characters in the movie about the wizard boy. He reached his full age on August 24, 2009 and he is eligible to require alcohol in any bar in America. The wide public reasonably considered that the income of Rupert is less significant and he earns lesser. It could be the same though the elder is Grint and his character, the more fans he receives. And his character with red hair was colorful and unique to commit to the success of «Harry Potter». So, since 2007, when the film «Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix» was released, his salary got equaled with that of Emma, with the total weight of 30 million US dollars to thee early 2010. His income is much enough to make considerable purchases though the basic salary goes to the general budget of the family.

    So, in the end of 2009 Rupert purchased a luxury mansion for 6 million Euros with the area of 22 hectare and the small castle. By the way, Grint has made solid investments into real estate for long ago as the sober entrepreneur and town houses and a mansion of him are ranked to be 10 million US dollars.

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