Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Logging on to Jesus

    It would seem that the Midlands are a god place for Jesus sightings. Having seen him appear on a drainpipe and a tea towel he has now taken to appearing in wood.

    Solihull resident Mel Robertson is the proud owner of a fine sumulacrum she calls the 'holy log' which she keeps it as a 'lucky charm'.

    The face first appeared back in October 2009, but got clearer and clearer as the months went by. She said: 'We had some firewood by the fireplace – at first it looked like a skull and crossbones – but as the months wore on, it just appeared around the knot in the wood. It was a dark mark and the sap made the face of Jesus – it came up more and more.'

    Mrs Robertson says the log actually helps to cheer her up and her two kids love it. 'They think it's hilarious,' she said.The local vicar, who's seen a photo of it, is just as tickled. 'He thinks it's hilarious, too,' said Mrs Robertson, 41. She added: 'I'm not sure it's a sign – but I thought it would have faded by now.'

    It should be noted that the log has not brought Mrs Robertson any particular stroke of fortune.

    Ah well….
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