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Mehndi – Trendy Version of Tattoo

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    The so-much popular tattoo can be left behind this year since body-art admirers now thrive for the new approach in body decoration, that is mehndi. Mehndi is the painting on body in henna which is deemed to be the ancient procedure popular in many countries. Whereas the European fashion is often indulged in eastern temptation, the art of mehndi was about to be grabbed and accepted, earlier or later.

    Mehndi and tattoo have more in common, though henna painting has more advantages to tattoo that it has nothing to do with injuring the skin and insertion of the pigments under the adipocellular tissue. In case with mehndi the painting is painless at all. The mehndi image lasts for about three weeks and then the other image can be applied or the skin can be left clear to relax. Mehndi is the favorite body art for women residing in North Africa and several Arabian countries, but it is more than popular in India. Mehndi is attributed the features of talismans and charms. So, the bride’s body is applied with henna to create the intricate picture just before the wedding event, and henna remainder is buried. This is done to save a woman from adultery and make the marriage stronger. Any Indian woman is sure than mehndi is done to bring happiness and protect from misfortune.

    Mehndi often cultivates the herbal ornament as flowers, branches with leaves, interlaced stems, as well as birds and insects. Traditions of various nations assume varied esthetics of mehndi. Thus, in the Middle East the herbal ornaments and simple images are highly demanded. Bedouins insert feet and palms into the dilution of henna without disturbing themselves with artistic aspects. Mehndi for the Indian women is the essential part of wedding preparation procedure. Temple dancers love painting their bodies with henna from palms to arms and from feet to knees. Such paintings are like laces since they are clearly and thoroughly painted.

    Fashion followers in Europe and America revived mehndi art in the third millennium only. First were Hollywood celebrities as Demi Moore, Naomi Kampbell and Madonna who tried mehndi. The European beauty salons and body-art salons used the revived concern about this technique. The service of henna painting costs from ten to fifty Euros, depending the location and complexity of the picture.

    Mehndi is easy to be done at home. The special henna for mehndi is required, though the simple henna used for hair dying can be applied. A pack of henna is required as well as a third of the strong black tea, one lemon juice and a drop of oil, olive is better than others. Tea is mixed with lemon juice, then the mixture is poured into the henna and stir until the mass is homogeneous.  A drop of oil is added in the end. The mixture should be thick and viscous. The paste is placed into the polyethylene pack and the corner is cut off.

    Then the skin is treated to degrease with spirit. Nevertheless, mehndi art masters assure that two-three drops of eucalyptus oil can make the pattern more durable and also the irritation can be avoided.

    The contour of the picture is done with the help of the stencil. The basic lines are drawn with the fountain pen and only then the henna is pressed out from the pack. Mehndi professionals use wooden sticks while painting. In the end the picture is left to dry within six to eight hours and then the excess henna is scraped away with the stick. When taking a shower or a bath, you try to avid scrubbing the mehndi ares with the bath sponge since the life span of the pattern is then decreased. The paintings made by henna are easily removed with alcohol-containing lotions. Today body-art professionals can help and choose the modern paintings that symbolize something particular or any incredible pictures that can express your feelings. Once the pattern is not liked, just use all to scrub it away, and try again. It is not done forever and this is the advantage to tattoo, the other advantage is that mehndi looks more natural than tattoo bluish color. And this is what vouches for mehndi.

    Mehndi is kept longer as body-art in the summer time more than in other seasons. So, summer is the perfect period to get painted. 

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