Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pervy Penguins in Rubber Fetish Shock

    Dennis Kübler is a zookeeper who looks after the penguins at Sea Life Konstanz. He has found himself to be the object of affection of his charges – not because they think he is some super hunky penguin but because of his choice of footwear. He made the mistake of wearing black and white rubber boots

    It was a penguion called Bonaparte who first fell fell for Kübler’s boots when mating season began, rubbing up against them and apparently mistaking them for a lady penguin lying on her stomach.

    Other penguins soon caught onto the idea, competing with Bonaparte for the boots’ affections, forcing Kübler to get a pair of blue boots, which do not seem to be so penguin-friendly.

    The change seems to have cured Bonaparte and the other penguins of their unnatural attachment.

    I am glad it was just penguins, heaven help us if a keeper had worn tiger striped boots in the big cat enclosure during mating season!

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