Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Royal Engagement Noms

    Archive of da wondrous noms at @kingtuttifruiti and Miss @Shaynacat's Engagement pawty.

    Royal Engagement Tour
    Celebrating the engagement of @KingTuttiFruiti and
    Miss @Shaynacat
    Tweetvite is HERE  
    Hashtag gullar sahir #KTFSC

    Grab a Cuban #NipCigar from Tutti's private stock and
    get ready to pawty like royalty!!

    The Royal Tour: 
    Starting point AND the site of the Engagement Pawty Cotillion and Ball: Leeds Castle  in Kent.

    Leeds is called Britains most glamorous castle.

    There is no more glamorous place for a pawty than Leeds. While the castle was built in 1119, the Great Hall and The top floor of this castle was constructed by King Henry VIII (Henry Tudor) in 1512 for a ONE night stay. He was traveling to meet King Frances I of France, & had such a large entourage he needed to add an entire floor. King Henry's 1st Wife, Catherine of Aragon (Mother of Queen Mary) set residence here, AND Queen Elizabeth I (Elizabeth Tudor) was imprisoned here by Queen Mary (her half-sister) before her coronation as queen in 1558.

    Views of  LEEDs dining hall, constructed by King Henry VIII for his single
    night stay in 1512. It will be the site of @KingTuttiFruiti & @ShaynaCat's
    engagement banquet reception.

    We will board the now famous gullar sahir Double Decker Tour bus and begin our tour at the Tower of London. Perhaps the most famous of all British Landmarks. For info:

    Then a quick drive to see Windsor Palace, Westminster Abby & Buckingham Palace then we head into the country. 
    Windsor...the LARGEST castle in the World!
    Westminster Abby

    Buckingham Palace

    Then we head out into the countryside to see some more of Great Britain's great sights, including:
    Hampton Court Palace. Steeped in history over nearly a millenium

    Cholmondeley Castle in Cheshire

    Peckforten Castle

    Edingurgh Castle-Scotland. Home of Scotland's Crown Jewels

    Stirling of the famous William Wallace battle from

    Last stop...some shopping at London's Picadilly Square

    The Royal Banquet:
    English noms:

    Royal Tea & Crumpets to start the night. 

    Nip Caprese Salad with fresh made mozarella

    Roast Prime Rib of Beef

    Shrimp Alfredo with Nip-garnish

    Shephard's Pie

    Fish & Chips

    Welsh Fish Pie

    Roast beef with Broasted Potatoes & Yorkshire Pudding
    Toad in the Hole

    Roasted Hen
    Top Shelf English Spirits

    Huge assortment of English Ales

    American Favorites:

    Eat dessert first!!! Death By Chocolate!!!!!

    Chicken Enchiladas

    Southern Fried Chicken with the Fixings

    Baked Macaroni and Cheese

    Tutti's Favorite Grilled Steak
    Tutti's Fav South Beach Florida Sushi

    Cedar Plank Grilled Salmon

    Southern Barbeque St. Louis Style Ribs, Brisket, Georgia Pulled Pork

    Have MORE dessert last. Ice Cream Sundaes!!!

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