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Trendy Hair Color 2011

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    One of the quickest and simplest approaches to change the image to be prepared for the new season is to change the hair color. When changing the color of your hair, you can follow the latest tendencies without spending huge amounts of money for the pretentious change of wardrobe. Tendencies are changed every season in fashion and beauty industry. Every season dictates what to do about decorative cosmetic products, hair spray and hair color. 

    Traditionally the spring-summer season is associated with lighter shades, while the autumn season makes us remember of darker colors. And trendy hair color is not the exclusion here. This coming autumn and winter will favor for darker shades of chocolate-brown, dark red, red and old gold.

    One of the basic tendencies in the industry of fashion is the popularity of warmer shades. As if contradicting the cold winter time, you opt for warmer shade of chocolate hue, wine red and gold. To have the trendy hair color, it is not required to change drastically this season. You are welcome to change the basic hair color adding bright tints and warmth.

    Trendy hair color 2011 –brunettes

    Classic brunettes are recommended to choose the shades of dark chocolate or truffle this new season. No need to think how this shade will look against the gloomy and dark winter. When the chocolate shades are matched with lighter golden locks the hair color will turn to the deeper and saturated color, fully according to basic tendencies of this winter. And exactly this complex but incredibly beautiful shade was chosen by stylists at shows by Badgley Mischka, Balenciaga, Christian Dior and Dolce & Gabbana.

    Trendy hair color 2011 – red-haired

    Those with the red mop of hair will not have to experiment with the complex technologies of hair dying this season. The trendiest color for the red-haired is single-color, without any additional accents to give the shade of the luxury red tree. The stylists advise that ladies must watch and take a leaf from the Hollywood actress Julianne Moore, the lady who owns the luxury and shining red mop of hair. Besides, the stylish examples of the trendy color shades are demonstrated at shows by Burberry, Hermes and Dolce & Gabbana.

    Trendy hair color 2011 – blondes

    As the owners of red-hair fortune, blondes mainly have to pay their through attention to Hollywood, and namely to famous Californian blondes. This coming season the trendiest shade of light hair is the golden blond that successfully migrated from summers season into the winter.  In summer time the golden blond hair perfectly goes with the tan, while in winter the image of the fatal lady styled by the actress Kate Bosworth complementing the image with the red lipstick. Hair lightened to the white demanded in the previous summer season go to outdate this autumn and designers for Banana Republic, Alexander McQueen, Balmain, Calvin Klein demonstrated the items from collections on models with light-golden hair shade. The golden shade has its only advantage – it is universal which was effectively proved at the previous shows at catwalks. Thus, blondes looked far more effective and perfect at the catwalks at Dolce & Gabbana show wearing austere and at the same time incredibly sexual and seducing black laced costumes and dresses complemented with the sensitive red lipstick while the models at catwalks for the Calvin Klein shoe went to show laconic, sleek hairdos with a drop of makeup.

    Trendy hair color 2011- brown-haired ladies

    Women with brown hair are better to opt for the trendy shade this season following just one rule – the shade you chose should be warm. This season stylists recommend matching warmer shades of the milk chocolate with golden accents. This match favorably shades the complexion, making the skin younger and fresh, while hair looks beautiful and shining. No wonder to know that brown is the universal color to use since the shade of brown is perfect for women with absolutely different skin color.

    Whatever shade is fashionable and trendy this season, the hair colors should go with your complexion and image.

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