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US Elite Property – Investments To Heaven On Earth

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    The investments are made to different industries. Some people tend to invest into the larger companies becoming stock holders, the others invest in precious metal and stones. Somepeople purchase art works and antique items. Investment into the real estate is the zero-risk enterprise since the cost for property gradually increases around the world in larger or smaller rises.  US elite real estate in is one of the most attractive objects for investment for today.

    Investors who long to invest assets in the elite real estate are recommended that they draw their attention to several US regions. The investment appeal to the US real estate is stipulated first with traditional stable economical and political situation in the country, the status of the dream country and developed tax legislation that ensures considerable investment capital from abroad.

    There are several huge zone of elite real estate in USA. The villas and mansions in Florida, the sunniest state of the country, elite apartments in New York and Los Angeles, office and corporate premises in any megalopolises, mainly in Washington and New York are the examples of elite real estate. 

    Florida is the major resort zone in USA. The most expensive property is located in the sea coast of the state and Florida is the residence for many celebrities, politicians and show-biz stars. Prices for property that go beyond the clouds in Florida are stipulated with, first of all, the unique climate, developed infrastructure and general luxury status of the region. Florida is leading for the pricing growth rate for the real estate and specialists predict this tendency will continue in the nearest ten years. The average cost of the worthy elite mansion not far away from the coastline ranges from $900 thousand to $1.5 million USD. This fortune is enough to acquire 400 square meters of the dwelling premise and several acres of the adjoining land with the associated structures as garages, terraces and even aviation hangars.

    Elite real estate in megalopolises is always the favorite object to invest. In spite of the higher cost for the square meter of such dwelling, elite property in the center of New York or Los Angeles is highly demanded, though. The stability is explained with the status of the said real estate and high level of servicing and comfort. As a rule, putting such premises to rent allowsquickly compensate expenditures for the purchase. The elite housing premise in these cities isavailable, on average, for $600 -700 thousand US dollars and higher. There are several bedrooms, two bathrooms, at least, and the useful area of 130-170 square meters in such premises.

    The situation is similar with the elite commercial property in American megalopolises. The highest level of prestigious central regions, improved transport and business infrastructure, proximity to the most essential business objects make the capital investment in elite business real estate sure investment approach without risk.

    The tendencies of price growing for US elite property reassure, in general. In spite of the financial crisis noted in schedules of immovable property cost, somewhat suspended grow rate of prices, the positive changes in all segments of elite real estate are noted. Prices for dwelling premises in Florida go high 10-12 % per year, while apartments and mansions do not show such a stick-slip nature. The price for latter increases 4-7% every year.

    Moreover, leasing of real estate is also good source of income. As specialists declare, when the correct and adequate contract is concluded between the parties, there is the possibility to fully cover the expenses done for purchase of real estate within 15-18 years when the pure income for the yearly rent is about 7% of the property cost.

    Real estate in USA attracts attention of purchasers with the exclusive investment capacities and reasonable requirements to potential clients. There are no limitations similar to prohibition to purchase the real estate by foreigners in several European countries. On the contrary, the US government does all possible to attract foreign investment.

    There should be no problems with execution of real estate crediting, providing the borrower meets all the requirements of banking institution with available positive credit history. Banks in America offer to clients two basic approaches of housing crediting, the straight money advance and mortgage credit. Every single approach has pros and cons, and specialists mention the greatest attractiveness of the mortgage. In case of financial insolvency of the debtor the acquired real estate will be put to auction with the market estimate which will considerably grow from the date of purchase.

    Besides, the US legislation does not require the special obligatory presence of the purchaser during the real estate purchase process. This provision allows transferring the power of attorney to execute in favor of the investor to third party, whether the brokerage agent, which is to solve all legal issues under the power of attorney. As a result, the property owner has to find the worthy manager of the property.

    Investment in elite real estate is absolutely the most profitable way to store and increase the capital. The negative features of such investment is extremely higher level of initial expenditures, though overcome with all other positive aspects of capital investment. 

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