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Vintage Perfume Is All Time Demanded

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    Vintage comes as the fashion trend especially for items of clothing which is from the time of the past. Apart from vintage clothing, the accessories found in trunks and boxes in the attic are found to be vintage which should complement and accentuate the style women opt for including watches, hats and perfume. Vintage perfume in XXI century is the special trend in perfumery.

    On the whole, vintage is the item from the past that was popular at the time it was used and that demonstrates the style of that time period. Vintage for 21st century is perfumeries which were highly demanded some decades ago and there are some principles to regard.

    Vintage perfume is that launched over fifteen years ago as the upper margin. The low margin is not specified at all. And this is because perfumery experienced the blooming in the end of 19th and beginning of 20th century. Age is no the only factor, though. And this is not because the perfume was launched fifty years ago but it was the real triumph for that time.

    Classic perfume is that produced till 60s of 20th century. They have the history and persons who loved and used those fragrances have passed away already, but we still remember their likings for fragrances. And the essential criterion is when the perfume is the parity of the time. Thus, it is quite difficult to opt for vintage perfume without knowing the history of them.

    Perfume is not considered as vintage in USA unlike clothing which is sold at auctions at so swift a pace and for the fortune. There is the risk to get the different scent than you lined in the closed bottle since perfume needs tender storage, and second, it is the low price for it, around $10USD per 50 ml. However, vintage scents still extract attention to their rare nature for the latest ten years, especially in Europe.

    Many people say they cannot wear vintage cologne versions, since they appear to look sour onto the skin. And this is why vintage perfume is liked or not. Discontinued perfume is also vintage and most often because the considerable cost of components: natural amber, musk and species cost a fortune to use regularly.

    Perfume launched in the early 20th century is also considered as vintage which are still loved and purchased like Chanel №5 by Chanel, Krasnaya Moskva and Landysh serebristiy by Novaya Zarya Factory, «Byt mojet» from Poland. Besides, some perfumery houses still launch the series of vintage fragrances. So, Chanel offers the exclusive line of retro fragrances known as Bois de Isle and Cuir de Russie totaling around ten scents. The bestsellers of Guerlain Perfumeery House come as Jicky, Mitsouko and Shalimar.

    There are found some boutiques in Italy and Great Britain that trade in vintage styled perfume. Actually they sell unfamiliar perfumery acknowledged in smaller groups in early 20th century. So, the Penhaligon's, an English perfume house, that was the perfume supplier to the British Royal Family, has launched perfume since the late 19th century. Audrey Hepburn and Ava Gardner preferred the perfume by Acqua di Parma brand and Sharon Stone still uses it today.

    Most popular vintage perfumes by the reputed houses are fragrances by Dior, Guerlain, Chanel, Caron, Creed, D'Orsay, Acqua di Parma and Roger&Gallet. The most popular come as the following:
    • Perfume with the basic wood notes as Vetiver and Xerius by Givenchy.
    • Floral accords launched by Nahema by Guerlain, Madame Roshas by Roshas, Narcisse Noir by Caron, Chanel №5, Nocturnes by Caron.
    • With citric notes as Eau de Lanvin by Lanvin, Drakkar and Eau Folly by Guy Laroche, Eau de Rochas by Rochas.
    • Oriental notes were offered by Nilang by Lalique, Tocade by Rochas, Organza by Givenchy and Habit rouge by Guerlain.
    When getting vintage perfume, do not feel like ridiculous and absurd since these fragrance are evaluated by generations as well as by the world-known celebrities as Giorgio Armani who prefers Knize Ten created in 1931, Karl Lagerfeld with his liking for Penhaligon's Blenheim Bouquet, the cologne launched one hundred and fifty years ago. The perfume can be as old as the century and as new as launched a week ago, but it should go with the person to accentuate the image. 

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