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Watch caskets – luxury accessory for time keepers

    The luxury Lifestyle blog (the home of luxury Lifestyle) presents Watch caskets – luxury accessory for time keepers.

    The watch is the jewelry that exerts the special attention. The mechanism known for the complex, accurate and delicate peculiarity does not stand the negligent approach for it needs care and foster. Watch boxes is the perfect solution to store reputed watches with comfort as family collection as well as antique wristwatches and pocket time keepers. The exclusive models of cases come as the best gift for VIP persons offering the lavish gift package for the watch of less value.

    The reputed brands usually come to use the special watch boxes with the company logo. So, Patek Philippe or Hamilton, the regular bidders at the world auctions, keep the tradition to present their products in specials caskets made from fine wood and trimmed with silk and leather, from time to time complemented with a tiny case with a glass lid. The exclusive watch in precious casket goes for several million dollars at auctions sometimes.

    Caskets go close to the origin of pocket and wrist watches. However, the models of watch cases offered today are designed to store the entire collections of watches they are proud of. They can take it on them when traveling, either.

    Caskets for travelers

    Watch caskets for traveling purposes have a special design as tiny or roll-shaped. They are usually made from the subtle leather with one or two slots for watches. So, the Champ-Collection Company from Germany is specialized in manufacture of such watch accessories. The base material is the high quality calf. The caskets are easily stored in suitcases to care it well. The price range for German watch caskets go from $50 US dollars to several hundreds.

    The ones who appreciate the prestigious brands, Louis Vuitton launched the limited edition of traveling watch caskets. They come as cases for three watches for men or four tiny watches for women, as well as the small collection of eight pieces to suit every ensemble. The caskets are made from the ox hide of the chocolate with milk shade with the company logo. A big casket is decorated with the protective corners with gilding, and the smaller one is of the rigid case that protects the fragile mechanism while traveling.

    Multi-sectional cases made from the light material or leather and equipped with the special shock system is the special type of portable watch caskets. The whole collections of exclusive Swiss watches are transported in such boxes.

    Caskets for collectors

    One of the Easer eggs by Carl Fabergé is probably one of the legendary and exclusive watch caskets. This is the model of caskets for the series of Fabergé eggs with the surprise as The Nobel Ice Egg from 1886. The snowflake-shaped pendant watch is placed inside made from the white gold and mother-of-pearl which is the perfect material to give the icing shape and look, increased with a glimpse of diamonds reminding of the blink of snow spangles. The approximate estimate for the egg is about $50 million US dollars, and today the egg-casket is stored in private collection.

    Presently the watch casket manufacturers opt for less expensive materials though they produce incredibly luxury and beautiful items to room several dozens of time keepers. So, the Italian brand Scatola del Tempo produces quite elegant and delicate caskets. High quality fine wood is used that is trimmed later with the expensive leather. The inner part is like the royal bed made from the delicate fragile suede or supple velvet. Fine golden secret locks protect the caskets.

    Osvaldo Agresti, the manufacturer from Italy, is specialized in unique wooden watch caskets. The designers for this brand manually pick up the material with the natural pattern formed as the result of exfoliation of wooden fibers. Later on the technology of manual incrustation is applied to make the caskets unique and exclusive.

    The reputed brands involved in production of watch caskets include the Underwood Company producing elite leather boxes sold in many European boutiques, the Austrian Company Buben & Zorweg, Orbita from America and so forth. Watches are easy to store in such caskets, and yet, these caskets are a proud to expose jewelry or sports models to guests. The price varies from several hundred US dollars to several thousands.

    The Perrelet Company keeps abreast of the times to improve the production and manufacture caskets not only for watch storage. The Tower casket is the maxi-box with two departments for watches, a place for iPod nano with the 8G memory flash card. The Tower is made from fine wood of dark colors and the aluminum case with the built-in Logitech acoustic systems for the quality sound.

    Watch caskets is the essential accessory for precious watch lovers and for those who cannot live without watches of various style for various occasions. 

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