Thursday, May 19, 2011

Guest Post: Tomboy traveler

    Sometimes the best part of traveling comes when the plan falls apart. I have a handful of crazy travel stories—from being temporarily trapped on a Swiss ski lift for hours during a wind storm, to being stranded at the Cairo International Airport for days. These experiences have taught me to pack smart while staying true to my style, knowing "adventure" may be lurking. Here are some items you can pack with you on your next one!

    1. Lavender Essential Oil. I don't wear perfume, but I am a major fan of essential oils. Lavender is ideal for traveling because it calms, treats minor cuts or bites, helps induce sleep, and can act as a room fragrance. Plus, the bottles are always TSA-friendly.

    2. Striped Linen Bandana. Easily packed and exceptionally versatile, bandanas always seem to come in handy when on an adventure.

    3. Straw Hat. Practical and fashionable. This hat goes with everything in my closet—from bikinis to cocktail dresses.

    4. Swatch Originals "New Gent." This is a great travel watch, because not only is it affordable and inconspicuous, but it's rubber—you don't have to take it off in the security line or the ocean, and I love an men's-sized watch on a woman.

    5. Madewell Perfect Chambray Shirt. I know these shirts have been covered every way to Sunday, but they are so great and can be dressed up with a skirt or worn simply as a beach cover-up.

    6. Bass Slip-on Saddle Shoes. I wore these in grade school and now I wear them wherever I travel. They're easy on and off, comfortable and really smart looking with shorts, jeans and trousers.

    7. The Gentlewoman Magazine. Required tomboy reading!

    8. Trussardi iPad Case. Hardcore luxury.

    9. Tampico Cotton Tote. This French brand is so simple, functional and chic. The top zipper and detachable shoulder strap are key for travel.

    -- By Lizzie Garrett from Tomboy StyleSource URL:
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