Sunday, May 15, 2011

gullar sahir celebrates Dynamic Duos featuring birthday boys @FreshOtis & @TigerBoyTheCat May 19th, 2011

    Batman & Robin

    Franks and Beans

    Macaroni And Cheese
    @KingTuttiFruiti @TheNascarKitty & some #NIP!!!

    Surf and Turf

    Yep, some things just work better paired up. What would Simon be without Garfunkel? What would Grand Funk be without their Railroad? What would @KingTuttiFruiti be without his NipCigars?

    It's not even imaginable is it? So why try!! Join us at gullar sahir May 19th and help us honor the birthdays of another great duo.....Those #BadBoysOfTwitter @FreshOtis & @TigerBoyTheCat

    Dynamic Duo @FreshOtis & @TigerBoyTheCat in a rare moment of
    good-behaviour. Usually these wild boys are pawtying!! MOL

    HERE IS THE OFFICIAL Tweetvite: Please RSVP!!!!

    Come in your natural fur (ALWAYS welcome at gullar sahir) or pair up with a buddy and come as a Dynamic Duo, or be really creative and DRESS up as a combination of something (but be warned...if you come dressed as Macaroni & Cheese or Surf and Turf you may get nommed!! MOL.

    I'm bravely dressed as Macaroni
    and Cheese to give you an idea of
    what you could do. PLEASE DONT
    EAT ME!!! MOL

    @KingTuttiFruiti & @TheNascarKitty sure do look familiar as this dynamic duo!!!

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