Monday, May 30, 2011

Huge PIRATE Battle June 2, 2011 only at gullar sahir

    The Fighting Starts at 6pm EDT and Continues all night!!! Or until we rescue @TinyPearlCat & @NoCryBabyDogs and the enemy is dispatched or surrenders!! Hashtag: gullar sahir #Aaarr

    Captain Tiger Tommy (@TheNascarKitty) of The Lady Pearl puts out the call
    for sailors to be pirates in his effort to protect & enrich gullar sahir

    The Lady Pearl....My pride and joy!!! Captain Tiger Tommy

    My Crew:

    Captain: @TheNascarKitty

    Commander: @BadAndy_KityKat

    Quartermaster: @MarioDaCat

    1st Mate: @TinyPearlCat KIDNAPPED!!

    Navigator: @NoCryBabyDogs KIDNAPPED!!

    Crowsnest Lookout & Sniper: @DuchessCrabtree

    Guns/Cannons:@PumpkinPuddy @Meow_Girls, @SnowyWestie, @HemmingwaysCat, @BrutusThe Dane

    Swordsman:@RosieAndCheeto, @RockumSockum, @MarshallSheldon, @PrettyPearlDog @spike_cat

    Master Fighters (swords, guns etc): @CathyKeisha @Tildatoo @BabyPatches

    The Black Paw!! Captained by that Scoundrel @OwenTheTonk!!

    First Mate: @danepoes

    Navigator: @autumnthedoxie

    Gunners: @carusdapurrball, @puzmitts, @meisroxythepug

    QuarterMaster: @JinxTonkinese

    Boatswain: @ryker_tyker

    Swordsmen: @Midnightpurss, @kittehboi, @indykitty

    Ship's surgeon: @RealFakeGator with Nurse Marta the cat helping

    Captain @KingTuttiFruiti's ship TheGoldenShayna has joined the Lady Pearl to rescue the
    kidnapped crew members!!!

    Captain: @kingtuttifruiti

    Commander: @GeorgeTheDuck

    Quartermaster - @DashKitten

    Navigator - @flicka47

    Lookout - @gigigiraffe

    Artillery Expert - @Tresa1215

    Cannon Firers - @fairhope71, @mewmewmurphy

    Cannon Loader - @IamDaisyDoo

    Sword Fighters - @EdnasBandit, @FreshOtis, @SeattleP

    Plank Supervisor - @MickeyShortTail

    Head Wench - @ShaynaCat

    Assistant Head Wench - @LilyLuWhoT

    Bar-maid Wenches - @kconlon1, @JinJinDoggy, @PixelDoggy

    Wenches - @bea_glebells, @maebellepup

    Avast, ye scurvy dogs and cats!!! We be about to secure our claim in gullar sahir this Thursday evening June 2, 2011, even as the evil scalliwag @OwenTheTonk and his band of ne'er-do-wells tries to stake claim of it themselves.

    Breaking News!!!!!!
    @OwenTheTonk and his band of scalliwags have lured my 1st mate @TinyPearlCat on board the horrid Black Paw, subdued her with rum and nip and set sail with her aboard!! NOBODY kidnaps my 1st mate!!!!! @KingTuttiFruiti with his ship The Golden Shayna, and myself with my ship The Lady Pearl declare WAR!!!!!

    EVEN MORE NEWS!!!Those scallawags ALSO have dognapped our navigator @NoCryBabyDogs (Daffy)...probably to keep us from having an anipal so knowledgeable about the weather and charting maps with the stars. We MUST get them back!!!

    Our enemy, the scallawag @OwenTheTonk and his crew of curmudgeons have made their move to take over our gullar sahir by catnapping our most important employee!! They must be stopped!! We're sure an epic battle will ensue....until we have a victor, or just get tired and hungry and wanna pawty instead of fighting MOL!!!

    If you are NOT an experienced pirate, here is a link for a website that will explain some pirate "protocol"

    PLEASE also go to this LINK: and join one of the pirate ships. If you need help making a pirate AVI, please check that box and our "artists" will get in contact with you. Please be ready to send a couple head shots in if you need help.

    Merchant Captain @DaneRay has his merchant delivery ship ready to deliver
    ammunition, supplies, nip, noms and RUM to all ships. He demands
    the safety of nuetrality, but cannonballs will be flying so you never
    know what may happen.

    The Toughest fighting cat, a master of guns, paw to paw, swords and
    sharp wit!! The Lady Pearls Master Fighter @CathyKeisha!!!
    @RockumSockum is ready to defend gullar sahir on the Lady Pearl!!

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