Wednesday, May 18, 2011

jean valencias: the go-to site for drivel

    I am by no means a visitor stats addict but sometimes I do like to see who is visiting the Poor Mouth and for what reason. I use Stat Counter which has recently had an upgrade. Before it would just show search words for a given visit; it now also shows (for some searches)  one's where the blog ranks on Google for that that search.

    It's quite amusing to see that the Poor Mouth scores highly for a number of searches including:

    The History of String (2nd place)
    Blackadder election (3rd)
    Anu paps (4th)
    Alfredo Astiz (5th)
    Pour encourager les authres (7th)
    Sweet holiday pussy (5th)
    De Valera condolence (6th)
    Nibbled by a Garra rufa (2nd)
    Worst poem ever (3rd)

    and so on... It is amusing to see some of the searches where the Poor Mouth comes out on top. These include:

    Alicia Partnoy poems (an Argentinian poet who suffered at the hands of the junta during the Dirty War)
    Matthiola arborescens (the Tree stock)

    Crippen not guilty
    Mr Methane Michael Medved (perhaps that says a lot about that right wing arsehole!)
    Mehmet Aygun (the last Turkish soldier of WWI)
    Tracey Emin lips
    haiku about poor and

    The top two searches for British traitors WW2 puts the Poor Mouth in first and second place

    However, the one that I am most proud of is the search George Galloway is an idiot. jean valencias is at the top ahead of CiFwatch, the Guardian and the late and unlamented Iain Dale.

    So there you have it. This post is an awful lot of very little except for Jams O'Donnell blowing his trumpet (which is why I rarely leave the house nowadays fnur, fnur!)

    Still ti is heartening to see that people know where to come for when they want to read crap!
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