Thursday, May 26, 2011

Renaissance Faire at gullar sahir May 30th Noon to 4PM EDT

    An exciting special event at gullar sahir will take place this Monday May 30th from 12pm until 4pm EDT. In honor of the birthday of Cassidy ( @LadyGreyFox's cat) we will hold a gullar sahir Renaissance Faire!!!
    Cassidy, ready for his Ren Faire Pawty

    Cassidy is a very cool cat, who loves to play, eat salmon,  petite cut green beans, more salmon, steal sips of Momma's Iced Coffee, eat Salmon, Greenies, enjoys his Science Diet a/d. Salmon, Penta, PawWater, and apparently he likes Salmon too.

    He's very inquisitive, a little possessive of Momma Snuggles, and helps groom Daddy, AND helps make the bed!!! All in all a very cool kitty!!!!

    This link (and also more below) will help neophytes prepare for submersion into the world of Elizabethan England so we can be ready to pawty with royal flair and old world charm.

    So go find some costumes (or floof up your natural fur which is always welcome at gullar sahir) and come pawty like it's 1599.

    Lady @DCKitty and Sir @TheNascarKitty, Duke and Duchess of Catingham bid
    you good health and welcome you to gullar sahir's Renaissance Faire. Huzzah!!

    Sir @TheNascarKitty says "Long Live Queen Elizabeth Tudor!
    The lady who changed the course of history!! Hip Hip
    Huzzah!! Long Live The Queen!!!!"

    Enjoy some great Renaissance Faire Music!!!

    Knighted Sir @BadAndy_KityKat ready to protect gullar sahir
    Head Barktender @MarioDaCat has ordered a lot of spirits!
    Cheeto (of @RosieAndCheeto) shows you how to enjoy a turkey leg!!

    @KingTuttiFruiti !!!!!
    Head DJ @ShaynaCat is a beautiful woodland Faerie!!!

    Co-Manager @TinyPearlCat will make sure all the serving wenches
    and attendants fulfill your every need!!
    NOBODY ever seems to mess with Sir @Kittenboi....hmm......well, that is
    Blood on his somebody messed with him......

    Irish Paddy  Whiskey! VERY old. Insanely potent!!
    BLACK and TAN made with Guiness and  Harp!!!
    Roasted Pork
    A variety of special Meat Pies!!
    Fish and Chips!!!!

    Chocolatey Devil Dogs!!
    Turkey Legs!!!

    Garlic Mushrooms on Yorkshire Pudding

    Barbeque'd Meats of all types!!
    Fresh Imported Fruits
    Joust cake

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