Friday, July 29, 2011

August 4th NipClub tours CANADA!!!

    Courtesy of @DanaPixie and @Spike_Cat everyone attending gullar sahir this week gets a FREE box of Tim Horton's TIMbits!! One of Canada's favorite treats!! Grab your box and enjoy!

    This week we enjoy Canada. Many of us from the US travel there on vacation, but some have not yet experienced the majesty of this beautiful country. Rather than talk...I'm going to let the pictures do the talking
    as we get ready to enjoy Canada!!! @TheNascarKitty gullar sahir Manager.
    Our final pawty spot is so remote I had to buy @TinyPearlCat
    a bigger gullar sahir passenger chopper to get us to it. The bus just cant
    make it that far into the wilderness!! We'll shuttle you non-stop to the pawty.
    (Pearl is training assistant pilots to help her out)

    Ontario's Pride and Joy Niagara Falls. Breathtaking.

    @Spike_Cat lives in Ontario, home of Niagara Falls.

    At night Niagara Falls is breathtaking.



    gullar sahir salutes our Canadian Anipal Friends!!!
    Our good employees @AutumnTheDoxie,
    @HollieCatRocks and @Spike_Cat are
    all from lovely Canada, so we decided to
    visit them at home!!!!

    Canada is a gorgeous country, full of majestic cities, glorious lakes, sky high mountains, untouched wilderness, and all types of terrific things to
    see and do. Let these pictures do the talking. An amazing place.

    Often thought of as mostly wilderness Canada boasts many large world class cities

    The first 3 pictures Below: The home city of @HollieCatRocks, lovely Vancouver, British Colimbia!!

    This strange sculpture is in one of Vancouver's lovely parks.

    The two photos above are from Banff National Park in Alberta
    in the Canadian Rocky Mountains

    Edmunton, Alberta Canada. @AutumnTheDoxie lives in this area!!

    Blackford Lake in The Northwest Territories are isolated and beautiful!!
    Novia Scotia is beautiful, coastal, with an old time marine feel.

    The Ocean cut some beautiful paths on Coastal Nova Scotia

    Emerald Lake in Yoho National Park, British Columbia

    Lake Louise in Banff Nat. Park, Alberta. (More pics of Banff Park above)

    The world famous Klondike River Valley in the Yukon Territories!!

    Parliament Building in Ottawa
    Wabumon Lake in Alberta
    The view from the rustic bar we've rented to hold gullar sahir!! Have some fun! Swim, fish, hunt some moose or elk,
    maybe even a bear (NOT the teddy variety please) or just sit, enjoy the view and enjoy noms & drinks with pals.

    Canada is a very large country, settled by immigrants from many different nationalities. Portions of it are mainly French, like Montreal, whereas Ontario is a large settlement of Italians and boasts wonderful Italian food, other areas have wide influences, plus, being such a huge untouched area of pure nature, there is a rustic touch of wold game foods too. We've put together a menu that has a little of each for your "Nom"ing enjoyment.

    Jigg's Dinner, a Canadian specialty, Boiled Ham, Cabbage, Carrots
    Rutabaga and Parsnips with Mashed Potatos and Gravy

    French cuisine: Mushroom Pepper Pork Chops in Wine Sauce with twice Baked Potatoes.

    Montreal's famous Smoked Meat Sandwich.

    Italian Mozarella Cheese pan seared with Tomato and Mushroom

    Canada's National Treat POUTINE!!
    French Fries with Beef Gravy and Cheese Curds

    Canada's Favorite Treat Baked Beans on Toast

    Canada has some of the best Chinese Food! Here's Chicken
    with Chinese Vegetables, Fried Rice and Pork Lo Mein

    Canadian Whiskey...will warm your soul....

    Polish Bacon and Ricotta Cheese Potato Perougi's from Ontario!!

    Italian Shrimp Mostiacolli from Ontario

    Tim Horton's Famous Coffee
    Canada has more donut shops per cappita than any other country.
    Tim Horton's are the National Fave.

    Wild Game Buffet...try some Bear, Squirrel, Moose, Elk,
    Deer, Raccoon, and more!!!
    Canada - goose - glitter Pictures, Images and Photos
    Source URL:
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