Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Francesco Speroni - Sicker Bastard

    If Borghzio was not enough, another (and more senior member) of the Legia Nord has waded in to support Breivik.

    According to the Guardian (and plenty of other sources) Francesco Speroni claomed that "Breivik's ideas are in defence of western civilisation."

    The Italian politician was endorsing the comments of Mario Borghezio (see post below)

    "I'm with Borghezio. I don't think he should resign", Speroni said. "If [Breivik's] ideas are that we are going towards Eurabia and those sorts of things, that western Christian civilisation needs to be defended, yes, I'm in agreement," he told Italian radio sation Radio 24.

    Speroni is a far bigger fish than Borghezio. While both are Legia Nord MEPs, Speroni is a former cabinet minister. He is currently co chairman of the Europe of Freedom and Democracy group in the European Parliament. The other co-chairman is Nigel Farage of UKIP.

    If I were Farage I would terminate all further relations with this vile piece of shit. I wait to see how he reactsSource URL:
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