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Thursday July 21, 2011 gullar sahir invades Chicago!! Week 1 of a Midwest US tour!!

    The spectacular city of skyscrapers and culture on the edge of a Great Lake

    Chicago!! The 2nd City (originally 2nd only to New York in size-now 3rd after New York & Los Angeles), home of @RosieAndCheeto and @BigBoyBosco and so many others! A huge, beautiful, historic city.

    Beautiful Lincoln Memorial Drive along Lake Michigan

    The worlds most beautiful skyline: The building on the left with  2 antennas is
    America's tallest building. The building to the right with a diamond shaped
    lights is the famous Smurfitt Stone Bldg, featured in the movie
    "Adventures in Babysitting"
    Our bus is the lap of luxury

    Chicago is the first stop on our gullar sahir bus trip through the MidWest of the United States!!!

    Board our gullar sahir bus early and @TinyPearlCat will drive us in luxury to the Windy City to pawty like only we can!!!

    Guided Tours:

    5:00pm EDT  @CatRulers will lead you on shopping tour including Watertower Place!! 

    7:00pm EDT  @RosieAndCheeto will show you the best of Chicago!

    8:00 EDT  @BigBoyBosco will lead you on tours through the home fields for the Chicago Cubs, The Chicago WhiteSox and The Chicago Bears!!

    9:00pm EDT  @JoannTheRedhead will lead us on a tour of beautiful Navy Pier for shopping, sightseeing and fun!


    Chicagoland Pals: Niqqi, JoannTheRedhead, FairHope71, CatRulers, JeremyForPrez, BigBoyBosco, 
    RosieAndCheeto, Condo_Kitty,

    Cheeto (@RosieAndCheeto





    TOURIST opportunities:
    World famous Shedd Aquarium, a wonderful fun experience. NO IT's NOT
    A BUFFET!!! Somebody keep their eye on @RosieAndCheeto!

    Millenium Park! Top Center the specially designed ampitheatre with the specially
    designed sound reflecting wings, Left center the "Cloud Gate: sculpture also known
    as the "Bean" Bottom center the huge glass brick screens that capture pictures
    of visitors faces and put them on display. 

    A better view of the "Bean" or Cloud Gate sculpture. It's HUGE!!

    Navy Pier Shopping Mall-Expo Center juts out into the water of Lake Michigan
    You can board the "Spirit of Chicago" yacht (foreground) for a
    great dinner-sightseeing cruise!

    Be sure to ride the huge Navy Pier Ferris Wheel. It's half as high as a skyscraper!!
    The Sears Tower was officially renamed "The Willis Tower" last
    year, but to lovers of Chicago, it remains the Sears Tower!
    Sears Tower was the world’s tallest building for 25 years
    Beaten in 1998 by the Petronas Towers, Kuala Lampur, Malaysia
    In 2004 Taipei 101 became the tallest building
    The Sears Tower is however still tallest to the tips of the antennas: 1,725 ft

    Sears Tower architect : Bruce Graham of Skidmore, Owings & Merrill - SOM

    Sears Tower - The Building
    Sears Tower is strategically located on Wacker Drive in the heart of the West Loop, Chicago’s premier submarket and home to its largest corporations and commuter rail stations. Completed in early 1973, Sears Tower is an attractive and contemporary 110-story trophy office tower consisting of steel columns and beams in a “mega-module” system. The building contains approximately 3.8 million rentable square feet (“RSF”) including approximately 159,000 RSF of retail space. The Property also features a 160-car executive parking garage accessible from Franklin Street. Other amenities include a world-class broadcast platform, tallest skydeck, full-service conference center, fitness facility, and exceptional technology features.

    Sears Tower, completed May 3, 1973, rises to a height of 1,450 feet and is one of the most recognizable landmarks in the Chicago skyline and in the world. Sears Tower held the record for the world’s tallest building for 25 years until the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia were built in 1998. Then in the Fall of 2004 Taipei 101 took all but one title -- tallest to the tips of the antennas, which Sears Tower still owns. Including the Sears Tower antennas, the total height of Sears Tower increases to 1,725 feet. Designed by the architectural firm Skidmore, Owings & Merrill for Sears, Roebuck & Company, the world’s largest retailer at the time, the 3.8 million RSF building is the preeminent office address in Chicago and one of the premier properties in the world.

    The Property provides an exceptional unparallel West Loop location, unparalleled views from all of the property’s highly efficient floors and an unmatched prestige.

    Sears Tower Antenna Facts
    East Antenna 253' tall
    West Antenna 283' tall
    12' diameter at base.

    On top of each antenna there is a TLD (Tuned Liquid Dampener). Its purpose is to counteract the sway of the antenna from the wind.

    The airplane warning lamps blink 40 times per minute. The night intensity level drops to one quarter of the daytime level at dusk.

    Antenna Lighting:

    March - St. Patrick's Day :Green

    May - Mother's Day : Pink

    July - 4th of July : Red and Blue

    October - Halloween : Orange

    December - Holidays : Red & Green
    The Sears Tower (now the Willis Tower) features a glass floored-glass walled balcony on the 103rd floor
    where you can literally stand 1000 feet in the air over the streets of Chicago & look down! YIKES!
    Famous Arturo's Tacos

    Chicago Barbeque Ribs!!

    Browns Chicken and Pasta Meal, a Chicago tradition! 

    Chicago Rueben from one of the great Chicago Delis

    Portillo's Italian Beef!! Served plain, or with peppers, and you choice of
    "moisture" regular, drizzled with au jus or actually DIPPED in gravy!

    Maxwell Street Polish Sausage with fried onions, sport peppers and mustard

    Chicago Deep Dish Pizza!! Unlike any other in the world!
    Nip-Spaghetti from Barnelli's Pasta Bowl
    World Famous Chicago Dog: Beef Frank, Poppy Seed Bun, Mustard, Neon Green Relish, Onion, Tomato,
    Pickles, Sport Peppers, sprinkled with Celery Salt!!

    Chicago's Honker Ale, comes in a huge variety of flavors

    It has been Hot! So how about a refreshing float with ice cream and Green river soda, made right here in Chicago.

    Installed on the bus... Slushie machine. Bacon, Banana, and Nip flavors

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