Friday, August 12, 2011

Catnip Island Weekend

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Rioting in Romford... sort of

    Early evening last night I saw a few rumours on Twitter and Facebook that Romford was set for distrubances. I kept an eye on Tweeets about Romford and after a while rumours abounded - Primark was burning, McDonalds and Costa Coffee had been smashed, even Romford station was ablaze!

    I love quite close to Romfrod town centre. A quick check outside my back door confirmed that the sky was not glowing orange from anything other than light pollution and there was not much screeching of sirens.

    In a moment of impetuousness I loaded my tatty Lowepro camera rucksack with my old Nikon D50 and a couple of lenses and headed towards the centre.

    Victoria Road, the main location of fast food joints and Chinese and Indian restaurants was largely deserted, the eateries closer to the centre  being shut. The area outside the station was deserted except for  groups of police officers and a few people exiting a railway station that was clearly not in the slightest bit ablaze.

    The South street bars and clubs from the Goose (once the Mawney Arms) to Yates's (formerly office accommodation if I remember rightly) ere all closed but it was clear that neither McDonalds nor the Costa coffee shop were smoking piles.

    Moving further on into the pedestrian part of South street it was clear that Primark was  fully intact. However there were a number of youths milling around  further on so I decided to head home. Nothing to photograph.

    Mercifully I missed the disturbances. It seems that there were disturbances in the market place:

    The shop being atacked was Debenhams

    This afternoon Romford was much quieter than one would expect even on a non-market day. By 2.30pm the banks were shut Other shops although the two branches of Greggs were already closed (a casus belli?)

    In the daylight some minor damage could be seen: A pane broken at Debenhams

    Smeone must have decided they fancied something a bit less chavvy for their girlfriend

     And finally some sort of attack on a chav couturier

    Amazingly last night the one place that was open (or at least had the lights on behind the solid doors) was the knocking shop on South street that masquerades as a sauna. Perhaps they were the ones to embody the Blitz spirit!

    Ach the chocolate teapots that pretend to be our Prime Minister, Deputy PM, Home Secretary and Mayor of London have cut short their holidays. Far more police will be on the streets tonight. I wonder what will happen across the city tonight.
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Monday, August 8, 2011

Joy and madness

The DKNY Million Dollar Perfume Bottle

Versace for FC Internazionale

Pierre Cardin Launches An Android Tablet

Lane Crawford Fall 2011 Campaign


Burwhale the Avenger!

Nancy Wake RIP

    Australian war hero Nancy Wake, died yesterday in London

    She was 98.

    Born in Wellington, New Zealand on 30 August 1912 Nancy Grace Augusta Wake was the youngest of six siblings. Her family moved to Sydney when she was two years old

    Wake became a nurse before an inheritance from a New Zealand aunt enabled her to leave home in 1931 and fulfill her dream of travelling.

    After studying journalism in London, she became a correspondent for The Chicago Tribune in Paris and reported on the rise of Adolf Hitler in Germany. A 1933 trip to interview Hitler in Vienna led her to become committed to bringing down the Nazis. "I saw the disagreeable things that he was doing to people, first of all the Jews," she told Australian Broadcasting Corp. radio in 1985. "I thought it was quite revolting."

    When World War II broke out in 1939, she was living in the French city of Marseille with her first husband, French industrialist Henri Fiocca. She helped British servicemen and Jews escape the German occupying force.

    Her husband was eventually seized, tortured and killed by the Gestapo. But Wake managed to escape to London in 1943 through where she received the espionage training before helping to lead the French resistance in its final days.

    Code named "The White Mouse" by the Gestapo during the war, Wake died Sunday in a London nursing home, Prime Minister Julia Gillard said.
    "Nancy Wake was a woman of exceptional courage and resourcefulness whose daring exploits saved the lives of hundreds of Allied personnel and helped bring the Nazi occupation of France to an end," Gillard said in a statement.
    Trained by British intelligence in espionage and sabotage, Wake helped to arm and lead 7,000 resistance fighters in weakening German defenses before the D-Day invasion in the last months of the war.
    While distributing weapons, money and code books in Nazi-occupied France, she evaded capture many times and reached the top of the Gestapo's wanted list, according to her biographer, Peter FitzSimons. "They called her the 'la Souris Blanche,' 'the White Mouse,' because every time they had her cornered... she was gone again," he said. "Part of it was she was a gorgeous looking woman," he said. "The Germans were looking for someone who looked like them: aggressive, a man with guns — and she was not like that."

    France decorated her with its highest military honor, the Legion d'Honneur, as well as three Croix de Guerre and the Medaille de la Resistance. The United States awarded her its Medal of Freedom and Britain, the George Medal. She was made a Companion of the Order of Australia.

    Wake continued working for British intelligence in Europe after the war until 1957, when she moved back to Australia and married British fighter pilot John Forward. She moved back to Britain in 2001, four years after Forward's death. She never had children.
    According to her wishes, Wake's body is expected to be cremated privately and her ashes scattered next spring at Montlucon in central France, where she fought in a heroic 1944 attack on the local Gestapo headquarters.

    Rest in peace Nancy Wake

    Photo from Wikipedia
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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Luminous butterfly

W Hotels brings superstar DJs around the world

    The luxury Lifestyle blog (the home of luxury Lifestyle) presents W Hotels brings superstar DJs around the world.

    W Hotels has announced yet another addition to its musical offering, in the form of a global tour of DJs, in association with energy drink Burn.

    The hotel is sending six DJ competition winners on a week-long crash course dubbed the DJ Lab, which begins at the W Barcelona and concludes at the burn studios Hacienda in Ibiza, the Spanish island renowned for its clubbing.

    After the DJ lab, the up-and-coming DJs will crisscross the globe, calling in at W hotels to perform at exclusive events and other occasions from later this month.

    The hotels expecting a visit during the tour include properties in New York, Miami, Hollywood, London, Barcelona, Istanbul, Doha, Hong Kong, Seoul, Taipei, Bangkok, the Maldives, Bali, Koh Samui, and Vieques.

    For those unable to watch live, the mixes will also be streamed to users of the W Hotels iPhone app, which features a curated playlists and a music section.

    Hotels have been showing increasing interest in associating themselves with the music industry of late — both W Hotels and Renaissance offer an extensive program of performances, as well as other music-related offerings such as streaming sites for customers.

    Sources: AFPrelaxnews –

    DJ’s performing for W Hotels

    DJ Angus Wong of Hong Kong

    Lincoln Madley of New York, also known as DJ Bouji

    Miaou Mix, comprised of Noemi Sunshine Ferst and Judith Dju (Tête d’Affiche, Paris)

    Stopmakingme of London, also known as Daniel Avery

    Eiko of Tokyo

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Lumbee 1, klan 0

    A couple of days ago I had not heard of the Lumbees, a Native American tribe living in North Carolina. I had no idea that Heather Locklear is perhaps the best known Lumbee .

    But such things change when one flits about on the internet. One thing that pleased me was to read that the Lumbees once gave the kkk a damned good hiding at an incident that became known as the Battle of Hayes Pond.

    In 1957, klan Wizard James “Catfish” Cole, who had been charged with building up the klan in North Carolina, began to harass the Lumbees and other minorities of Robeson Country, North Carolina

    On January 13, 1958, a group of klansmen burned a cross on the lawn of a Lumbee woman because she was dating a white man. The Klan also burned a cross on the lawn of a Lumbee family who had moved into a white neighborhood.

    Cole spoke against announced plans for a Klan rally on January 18, 1958, near the small town of Maxton, intended to “to put the Indians in their place, to end race mixing”.

    On the night of the rally, less than 100 klansmen arrived at the private field. Before Cole began speaking, over 500 Lumbee mens encircled the assembly and attacked. Two klansmen were lightly wounded while the others fled the scene, leaving family members, the public address system, unlit cross, and various Klan regalia behind. Cole was reported to have left his wife behind, running off into a nearby swamp.

    Afterward, the Lumbee celebrated by holding up the abandoned klan banner. Many local, state and national newspapers covered the event and captured photos of Lumbee burning the regalia and dancing around an open fire in nearby Pemberton.

    Subsequently Cole was convicted, and served a two-year sentence for inciting a riot.

    The klan never came back to Robeson County

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gullar sahir "House of Blues" August 11th, 2011

    Introducing gullar sahir's new theme song!!! This song must have been written
    after  a visit to one of our pawties! MOL

    The big building that @BadAndy_KityKat  and his crew built us is so huge, that we've been able to
    build several theme rooms. You've all been to our replica of the "Cheers" Bar, and our  "Southern Honky Tonk" room, and of course who can forget our gullar sahir Coffee house. Well, we've taken another of the rooms and built our own House of Blues Lounge!!!!

    This week we're going to feature Blues Music in honor of the anniversary of the tragic passing
    of the master of blues guitar, Stevie Ray Vaughan who left us August 27th, 1990 when his helicopter crashed leaving after a concert at world famous Alpine Valley Ampitheatre in East Troy, WI.

    This hauntingly prophetic song appeared on Stevie's last album with Double Trouble before his death,
    it showcases some of his most tasteful guitar work. God must have needed a guitar player, because
    Earth will never be the same without Stevie.

    I've asked the gullar sahir DJ's to provide a night of blues music to honor Stevie Ray and all the great musicians who made the blues such a long lasting genre of music. It's been nearly 100 years since the sounds of blues guitar came from the backwoods and swamps in southern America, and expanded all over the United States, swamp blues, Louisianna Blues, Chicago Blues, and of course the huge influence of blues over Rock and country music. So grab a drink, some downhome Barbeque, and enjoy an evening of blues at gullar sahir. Come in your own fur or dress for a night of blues in your best blues outfit.

    Enjoy this video of Stevie Ray Vaughan and his big brother Jimmie Vaughan (of
    The Fabulous Thunderbirds) sharing a double neck guitar. It's insane!!

    Jack 'n' Cokes ON THE HOUSE all night!!


    @PumpkinPuddy's Grill will stay hot all night with fresh meats served
    buffet style to everyone! FREE!!!

    Chicken Jambalaya for the New Orleans Blues fans!!!

    SOUL FOOD PLATE!! St. Louis Ribs, Red Beans & Rice, Turnip
    Greens, Macaroni & Cheese!!


    Southern Rock/Country/Blues fans will love this Tex-Mex
    Calzone, filled with Roasted Pork, Peppers, Onion, Cilantro and
    served with Black Bean Pico De Gallo


    @TheNascarKitty lays down some blues for you!!

    Plenty of cake!


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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Shirley IV

Space Station No 5

And now some James McIntyre the bard of cheese

    Dairy Ode
    Our muse it doth refuse to sing
    Of cheese made early in the spring,
    When cows give milk from spring fodder
    You cannot make a good cheddar.
    The quality is often vile
    Of cheese that is made in April,
    Therefore we think for that reason
    You should make later in the season.
    Cheese making you should delay
    Until about the first of May.
    Then cows do feed on grassy field
    And rich milk they abundant yield.
    Ontario cannot compete
    With the Northwest in raising wheat,
    For cheaper there they it can grow
    So price in future may be low.
    Though this a hardship it may seem,
    Rejoice that you have got the cream,
    In this land of milk and honey,
    Where dairy farmers do make money.
    Utensils must be clean and sweet,
    So cheese with first class can compete,
    And daily polish up milk pans,
    Take pains with vats and with milk cans.
    And it is important matter
    To allow no stagnant water,
    But water from pure well or stream
    The cow must drink to give pure cream.
    Canadian breeds 'tis best to pair
    With breeds from the shire of Ayr,
    They thrive on our Canadian feed
    And are for milking splendid breed.
    Though 'gainst spring cheese some do mutter,
    Yet spring milk also makes bad butter,
    Then there doth arise the query
    How to utilize it in the dairy.
    The milk it floats in great spring flood
    Though it is not so rich and good,
    Let us be thankful for this stream
    Of milk and also curds and cream.
    All dairymen their highest aims
    Should be to make the vale of Thames,
    Where milk doth so abundant flow,
    Dairyland of Ontario.
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A fine piece of McGonagall

    by William McGonagall

    Ye Sons of Mars, it gives me great content
    To think there has been erected a handsome monument
    In memory of the Black Watch, which is magnificent to see,
    Where they first were embodied at Aberfeldy.

    And as a Highland regiment they are worthy of what has been done for them,
    Because a more courageous regiment we cannot find of men
    Who have bravely fought and bled in defence of their country,
    Especially in the Ruusian War and Soudan War they made their enemies flee.

    The monument I hope will stand secure for many a long day,
    And may the people of Aberfeldy always feel gay;
    As they gaze upon the beautiful Black Watch monument,
    I hope they will think of the brave soldiers and feel content.

    'Twas in the year of 1887, and on Saturday the 12th of November,
    Which the people of Aberfeldy and elsewhere will remember,
    Who came all the way from Edinburgh, Glasgow, Perth and Dundee,
    Besides the Pitlochry Volunteers headed the procession right manfully.

    And the Perthshire Rifies joined the procession with their pipe band,
    Then followed a detachment of the 42nd Righlanders so grand,
    Under the command of Lieutenant McCleod,
    Whose duty if was to represent the regiment of which he felt proud.

    The pipe band of the Glasgow Highlanders also were there,
    And Taymouth Brass Band, which discoursed sweet music I do declare;
    Also military officers and the magistrates of Aberfeldy,
    While in the rear came the members of Committee.

    There were also Freemasons, Foresters, all in a row,
    And wearing their distinctive regalias, which made a great show;
    And the processionists were formed into three sides of a square
    Around the monument, while the music of the bands did rend the air.

    The noble Marquis of Breadalbane arrived on the ground at 1.30,
    Escorted by a guard of honour and his pipe band;
    Then the bands struck up, and the pipes were set a bumming,
    And all with one accord played up the "Campbell's are Coming."

    Then his Lordship ascended a platform on the north side of the monument,
    And the bands played cheerfully till their breath was almost spent;
    Then his Lordship received three ringing cheers from the people there,
    Then he requested the Rev. John McLean to open the proceedings with prayer.

    And after the prayer, Major Menzies stepped forward
    And said, "Ladies and gentlemen, for the Black Watch I have great regard;
    And the duty I have to perform gives me great content,
    And that is to ask the noble Marquis to unveil this monument."

    Then he handed the noble Marquis a Lochaber axe to unveil the Monument,
    And the Marquis said, "Sir, to your request I most willingly consent."
    Then he unveiled the monument in memory of the gallant Forty-twa,
    While the bands played up the "Highland Laddie" as loud as they could blaw.

    And when the bands ceased playing the noble Marquis said,
    "This monument I declare is very elegantly made,
    And its bold style is quite in keeping with the country I find,
    And the Committee were fortunate in obtaining so able a designer as Mr. Rhind."

    Then, turning to the Chief Magistrate of Aberfeldy,
    He said, "Sir, I have been requested by the Committee
    To give you the deed conveying the monument to your care,
    With the feu-charter of the ground, therefore, sir, I'd have you beware."

    Then the Chief Magistrate Forbes to Lord Breadalbane said,
    "My noble Lord, I accept the charge, and you needn't be afraid.
    Really it gives me much pleasure in accepting as I now do from thee
    This Memorial, along with the deeds, on behalf of Aberfeldy."

    Then Major Menzies proposed three cheers for the burgh of Aberfeldy,
    And three cheers were given right heartily.
    Then the Taymouth Band played "God Save the 8ueen,"
    Then the processionists marched to the New Public School, happy and serene.

    Then there was a banquet held in the school,
    At which three hundred sat down and ate till they were full;
    And Lord Breadalbane presided, and had on his right,
    Magistrates, Colonels, end Provosfs, a most beautiful sight.

    And the toast of "The Queen," "Prince and Princess of Wales," were given,
    Wishing them prosperity while they are living;
    Then the noble Chairman proposed "The Army, Navy and Volunteers,"
    Which was loudly responded to with three loud cheers.

    Then Colonel Smith, of the Highland Volunteers, from Bonnie Dundee
    Replied for the Volunteers right manfully.
    Then the noble Chairman said, "The toast I have now to propose
    Is long life and prosperity to the Royal Highlanders in spite of their foes."

    Then the toast was drnnk with Highland honours and hearts
    While Pipe-Major McDougall played "The 42nd March at Waterloo."
    So ended the proceedings in honour of the Black Watch, the bravest of men,
    And the company with one accord sung the National Anthem

     Please visit
    McGonagall online for more gems from the Tayside Tragedian
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Friday, August 5, 2011

Have a goofy weekend.

Shirley III (Photohunt)

Arms of Love

Summer Uniform: Pretty tomboy

Simple pleasures

United States pillows

Thursday, August 4, 2011

#Nipclub Hosts #LakewithPetie #NCLWP

    This weekend from @ShaynaCat will be driving the Green Bus to take us all
    to #LakeWithPetie hosted by #Nipclub.

    6pm EDT August 5th to 6pm EDT August 7th
    (and possibly before and after knowing us!)

    The hashtag for the weekend's camping and touring fun will be #NCLWP
    But please show up even if you didn't get to RSVP!

    We'll be staying at the Lake with @Petiethecat which is at Eight Foot Falls Manitoba and visiting the Capilano Suspension Bridge park and Lake Louise.

    See the main #NCLWP page for the schedule and fun!

    See you there this weekend!
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So what if it was my paws clean this sill

V&A to exhibit spider silk textiles

    The Telegraph reports that the only only naturally golden textile woven from the silk of spiders is to come to London Victoria and Albert Museum in January next year.

    The four metre long woven textile was made from the silk of more than a million female Golden Orb spiders collected in the highlands of Madagascar. It took 80 people five years to collect the spiders, and the naturally golden hand-woven brocaded textile took over four years to create.

    According to experts at the Victoria and Albert Museum, spider's silk has not been woven since 1900, when a textile was created for the Paris Exposition Universelle - but that no longer survives. This will be the first time spider silk has been exhibited in Europe since.

    The earliest recorded weave using the silk of spiders dates from 1709, made by a Frenchman, Francois-Xavier Bon de Saint Hilaire, who successfully produced gloves and stockings and supposedly a full suit of clothes for King Louis XIV.

    Later, in the early nineteenth century, Raimondo de Termeyer, a Spaniard working in Italy, produced stockings for the Emperor Napoleon and a shawl for his first wife, Empress Josephine.
    To create the textiles, spiders are collected each morning and harnessed in specially conceived ‘silking’ contraptions. Trained handlers extract the silk from 24 spiders at a time.

    After ‘silking’, the silk is taken on cones to the silk weaving workshop where skilled weavers have mastered the special tensile properties of the silk. Each warp is made from 96 spun strands of spider silk and each brocading weft has 10 of those threads together – so 960 strands in total.

    On average, 23,000 spiders yield around 1 ounce of silk. It is a highly labour intensive undertaking, making these textiles extraordinarily rare and precious objects.

    Unlike mulberry silk from silkworms, in which the pupa is killed in its cocoon, the spiders are returned to the wild at the end of each day.

    It will be shown together with a new golden cape, currently being woven and embroidered in Madagascar, at the V&A on 25 January 2012.

    Wow! now there is a date for my 2012 diary!
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Jumeirah opens first European property in Frankfurt

    The luxury Lifestyle blog (the home of luxury Lifestyle) presents Jumeirah opens first European property in Frankfurt.

    Dubai-based luxury hotel chain Jumeirah has opened its first property in mainland Europe.

    The brand, which operates several high-profile properties in the Middle East including the Jumeirah Beach Hotel and the ‘seven star’ Burj Al Arab,

    Jumeirah welcomed its first guests to its new Frankfurt property August 1, ahead of the official opening in September.

    The hotel is spread across 25 floors in a striking new building and contains a total of 218 rooms in the center of the busy German city, which already boasts several luxury names such as Rocco Forte, Westin Grand and InterContinental.

    However, with all rooms measuring 35 square meters and above, Jumeirah says its hotel offers the largest rooms in Frankfurt.

    On the ground floor guests can visit a specialist chocolaterie and patisserie, as well as a lobby bar, with a fireplace and views over the Thurn-und-Taxis Palais.

    The hotel’s signature restaurant, Max on One, is managed by Executive Chef Martin Steiner and serves “innovative interpretations” of regional and German dishes.

    Unsurprisingly, the new building boasts a host of green technology, including an air conditioning system which regulates the temperature using heat detectors and motion sensors to minimize wasted usage.

    Talise, the hotel’s signature spa, features two saunas, freestanding bathtubs and tropical rain showers, although more active guests can use the neighboring Premium Fitness First health club.

    Although Frankfurt is currently the only Jumeirah property on the European continent, it will be joined by a luxury property at Port Soller, Mallorca, in Spring 2012.

    Source: AFPRelaxnews

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Victoria Beckham designs handbag for Selfridge

Porsche classic cooler

Louis Vuitton Now Makes Honey

Thursday giveaway!

Yellow rain jacket

Build your own reactor!

Genius wedding idea: Photos before the ceremony

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ghost Girl

BeoSound 5 Encore by Bang & Olufsen

    The luxury Lifestyle blog (the home of luxury Lifestyle) presents BeoSound 5 Encore by Bang & Olufsen.

    luxury entertainment brand, Bang & Olufsen has unveiled the latest tech in its BeoSound range, the Beosound 5 Encore Music Interface.

    Designed by Anders Hermansen, The BeoSound 5 Encore is a plug and play digital music system, that lets you instantly index and access your digital music collection from any USB, wireless handheld device, hard disc or computer.

    It also connects you to over 13,000 internet radio stations from all over the world, constantly updated automatically by Bang & Olufsen.

    Taking intuitive music experience to another level, the BeoSound 5 Encore is ideal for those that struggle to navigate a vast digital music library or simply lack the inspiration to generate the perfect playlist.

    Using Bang & Olufsen’s patented MOTs algorithm, the BeoSound 5 Encore can automatically generate playlists based on the selection of a single track.

    Based on your track selection, the BeoSound 5 Encore analyses every track on your device to automatically select music with a similar musical signature.

    The Bang & Olufsen BeoSound 5 Encore costs $3,725. It can be wall-mounted as is, or used with the table stand or floor stand, both available as optional extras.

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