Saturday, August 6, 2011

And now some James McIntyre the bard of cheese

    Dairy Ode
    Our muse it doth refuse to sing
    Of cheese made early in the spring,
    When cows give milk from spring fodder
    You cannot make a good cheddar.
    The quality is often vile
    Of cheese that is made in April,
    Therefore we think for that reason
    You should make later in the season.
    Cheese making you should delay
    Until about the first of May.
    Then cows do feed on grassy field
    And rich milk they abundant yield.
    Ontario cannot compete
    With the Northwest in raising wheat,
    For cheaper there they it can grow
    So price in future may be low.
    Though this a hardship it may seem,
    Rejoice that you have got the cream,
    In this land of milk and honey,
    Where dairy farmers do make money.
    Utensils must be clean and sweet,
    So cheese with first class can compete,
    And daily polish up milk pans,
    Take pains with vats and with milk cans.
    And it is important matter
    To allow no stagnant water,
    But water from pure well or stream
    The cow must drink to give pure cream.
    Canadian breeds 'tis best to pair
    With breeds from the shire of Ayr,
    They thrive on our Canadian feed
    And are for milking splendid breed.
    Though 'gainst spring cheese some do mutter,
    Yet spring milk also makes bad butter,
    Then there doth arise the query
    How to utilize it in the dairy.
    The milk it floats in great spring flood
    Though it is not so rich and good,
    Let us be thankful for this stream
    Of milk and also curds and cream.
    All dairymen their highest aims
    Should be to make the vale of Thames,
    Where milk doth so abundant flow,
    Dairyland of Ontario.
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